JDM Car Prices


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Hey lads,

I was having a look online yesterday, for rough price guides of importing a JDM car over these days. Came across this site:

Prices have definitely shot up, compared to when I had my old ek9 imported a few years back. Didn't realise just how much though o_O
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Big increase recently. Glad to see it as although I'm not for selling anything it makes any work I do on them more financially viable lol.

For example you can now justify splashing a grand on refreshing your suspension. Almost.


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My current pie in the sky theory is that thanks to all the stimulus money being shoveled around the world, the USA alone has spent TRILLIONS on these programmes since last year, the exporters, auction houses and everybody else are just trying to capture a small piece of that money, combine that with people saving money as they can't spend it as they normally would and are instead "investing" in cars or just spending on something shiny that they always wanted as an alternative combine all this and we have the massive price hikes we have seen in the past 12- 14 monthhs. I personally think the current prices aren't even remotely accurate, overpriced by 50% or more and that the arse is going to fall out the market once people return to reality but all my predictions have been wrong so feel free to bet against me and buy during the bubble :D

Also the prices on JDMAuctionwatch seem to be lower than what people are actually paying, EK9's have been making ALLOT more then 16k to give just a single example :)


Was just looking at how much people are asking for MR2s on Irish sites recently.. crazy money. I wonder is anyone actually buying at these prices.

Went to check how much glanzas are going for and there are none listed for sale in any of the usual places which I thought was weird. There must be hundreds of them around the country here lying up not being driven?


Everything Toyota is going up :)
Another 2 in Scotland at 5 and 7K
The yanks are tearing the hole out of prices for all jdm stuff