Meister R - Coilover C Spanners


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Hi guys,

I bought a set of meister r coilovers earlier in the week, and noticed my generic c spanners - which use for my teins - don't fit the collars.

I had a search around online and some of the honda boys said the meisters need a specific set of c spanners that you can only buy direct from Meister R or Tegiwa imports.

Can any meister r users confirm whether or not this is the case?



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Too big mine are Jay.
I bought them a couple of years back off fine on my Teins, but not on the meisters.

Will measure them up and get some :). The jew inside me refuses to pay £25 for the meister r ones lol.

That being said I may as well get the genuine ones on ebay. Thanks a lot Jay!
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