Merry Christmas 2023

And I'm redundant :( 1 week left then see ya later masterbaters

sorry to hear Skiny,,,but it seems you had lost your appetite for the place anyways
nonetheless, when one door closes another door opens...i hope you find employment and/or pursue your own entrepreneurship very soon,,something that is better in all may even be a period for you to reeducate/retrain yourself


That's that chapter over at 10AM today :) feel real bad for whoever's left as its going to be a full on shitshow now.
Thinking about hitting the roads in artics or factory work again but for now I'm just gonna get stuck into Cars for a few weeks :)
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Things are looking up :) our builder was here earlier seeing what all needs done and he's giving me 3 days labour work next week then if I want go full time with him.
The Brew are paying to put me through my class C lorry test too so that's loads off work on then I can go do my CE test straight away and start driving atrics :)