MSD Digital 6 Ignition Installation Help!!


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Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to install an MSD Digital 6 Ignition system in a 1996 Glanza V EP91. I have contacted MSD Tech Support for a specific wiring diagram for this vehicle as all listed installations dont work. Unfortunately because the 4efte never went to the US they are unable to help. Has anyone on this forum ever completed an msd installation on a 4e? Any assistance offered will be greatly appreciated.



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Message me your email, i have 2 diagrams that may work. I've not yet installed my msd setup yet personally but what i will send you i was going to use.


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Hi Stockrod, and fellow comrades,

I'm not sure if you can help, but i believe its worth a try.
I have my MSD 6a digital installed last 2 weeks, also have this tach adapter and ss blaster, first I've just have this MSD 85mm HTW from SS Blaster to Distributor Cap (works fine with my NGK-blue HTW), then in few days, my msd HTW Plugs came out, and when I put it, my engine start to misfire at aroung 9psi, (rprprrrprprprprprrprprp and wont accelerate anymore - like from the other topic i;ve read here). Then we isolate the MSD HTW, since this is the last touch before the issue appears. then have concluded that the longest wire that sits on Cylinder 1 is somehow busted (we tried to plug into other port cyclinder but we have the same issue). Then we bring another MSD HTW which will sit on cyclinder 1, since other 3 MSD is working fine, but then again we experience the same issue (prrrprprprprprrprprp and wont accelerate anymore). Now this is getting very strange. Hope to hear from you guys, been troubleshooting this issue for more than a week.

PS. Engine info:
4efte 1st Gen. with Emanage Blue installed. No Diagnostic error/alarm found.

Can't think of other differences in specs from the 4 MSD HTW(besides from the lenght), so i decided to measure its resistance.

MSD Cyl 1 - 94.3 ohms
MSD Cyl 2 - 85.2 ohms
MSD Cyl 3 - 62.0 ohms
MSD Cyl 4 - 55.5 ohms


Other scenario tested:

3 NGK HTW + 1 MSD HTW(94.3 ohms) - Ignition Issue
3 MSD HTW + 1 NGK HTW (replace MSD with 94.3ohms) No Issue .

Note: Already tested 3 different MSD HTW (longest wire)

More power to TGT,
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Just to be sure... you try to run the MSD using the stock ecu?

The stock ignition module is removed? ECU needs the igf signal, produced by the ignition module if everything went well regarding firring each time.

If it does not receive that signal, it simply not firring.


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@WeeJohn, not sure what to look for, but using (MSD HTW the longest wire) the engine is somehowcutting the ignition when it hits 8-9psi.
but using NGK(blue color) HTW, no ignition cut, only the usual rev-cut at 7.2k

@ChrisD, yes using oem ECU + emanage blue installed. Its a bit strange while using the longest wire, the engine ignition cut when the boost step into 9psi.

have a safeboost,


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Hi Gorgan, I'm preparing my engine for an afternarket parts and for a bigger turbine, also from oem set-up, i'm a bit curious how the engine will respond with aftermarket ignition systems.


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Hi Gorgan, thank you for the insights and the link. This surely may come in-handy.

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