My GT Advance


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That is one mint looking Starlet. Well done with the styling. I would love to do something similar with my own. The wheels really finish it off.
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Very nice mate! Looks very clean (and it reminds me of mine!)

Keep us updated on the progress!



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Looks like its on steroids and ready to eat the road up :cool:

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the mid spoiler and the twin canards, thanks.


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If i have said it before ill say it again sex on wheel's!! any chance we wil be seeing this in person at the wicklow run??


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well lads.. ye the hole is for side exit but nce is tomoro so had to change back for a while, i got the small nuts and have the centercaps and nuts fitted now, will have pics the weekend, the blue nuts look bad wit the red, also got my speaker recaro door cards fitted and got some recaro material to re cover the arm rest.. have a front tow eye aswell. might fit that before the weekend and ill see if i can upload some pics of when i had it on the lift..

i got the mid spoiler off rage on here, and the canards off corofin,


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over the last few months i took out the engine and sprayed the bay grey, then sprayed the rear grey,

then i stripped all the underneath, painted all the floor, axle wishbones ect,
got new; track rod ends,
ball joints,
anti roll-bar bashes,
pollybushed droplinks,
full pollybush kit,
handbrake cables,
and painted calipers while i was there.



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ill take them blue nuts back if ya want ha ha

where did ya get the poloybush kit ? can they be got seperate i have most of the bushes already :)

you staying hybrid ??


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got the bushes from tm developments..

ill stay as it is for another while.i like it as standard 4e engine and getting the most out of it that way but in time i want to forge and get top mount huge turbo.. lol... but ill wait til i have about 4000 to start. lol

ill have pics of wheels tomoro and the inside, put in one of the sets of optional mats i had and door cards.