Need a gearbox for a little Titan! 5e engine!


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Hello people
I want to know if anyone has tried to fit a swap of another gearbox for a 5e engine

i have reach 400whp like a month ago and even with lsd glanza gearbox , one wheel goes crazy at launching at the dragstrip

we are launching at 2nd gear with 18Psi full slicks with literally no air and still go like was a burnout one wheel and the other on the air(cant launch with less psi cause the slicks dont move xD)

if anyone has done a swap that could help me or may be orient me or some ideas about would be awesome , if there exist a gearbox with a better lsd and more strong to hold the whp that can be fitted i dont say plug and play but not extreme hard to swap it would be amazing
the absolute second you get Grip on that gearbox, 3rd gear most likely will shatter into 500 pieces.
short of going to a sequential straight cut Gearbox, there isnt a better option.
which gearbox do you currently run (tercel, gtep82, glanza ep91, n/a ep82, n/a ep91??)and which LSD (helical, viscous, stock toyota/oem lsd, brand?)


Yea that sort off horsepower has been locally tried and tested as the perfect way to destroy gearboxes lol
The MR2 lsd turbo is a good strong box but not sure if they can be made fit.