Pembrey circuit Track cam action at the G-Tech car show


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Recorded a bunch of vids from the track time i had in my Starlet GT - TD04

Makes for some interesting viewing :)

Going to start a video section of all the tracks my car has been too, here is Pembrey and my Starlet GT

Pembrey Race Circuit 10/8/11 - Super Wet Pembrey - Starlet Vs Clio 172, VX220, Honda powered mini, plus more! - Pembrey race circuit, Clio 172 chasing down a Starlet GT Turbo - Pembrey - Side ways action - Starlet GT Vs Mighty Nissan GT R - Pembrey Race Circuit - Starlet GT Turbo ragged within an inch of its life!


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luckily i had changed into 3rd and was still on the power, planted my foot on the power and pulled my self out the slide :)