Post a pic of your car as it sits right now.


Good to see the start of a project. Whilst it's that far back strip and clean the bulkhead, check all the rubber grommets are in good condition and clean out the scuttle panel where the heater blower gets its air from.

Perfect opportunity to take the carpets out and give the floor a proper wash too!


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Will do Jay, ordering some new headlight mounts, and the rubber seals/drains for the rear. I have brand new center console mounts and a box full of clips for panels and looms :D Im going to order some type of waxoil today and get a lend of a sprayer and fill the sills also going to sand down the crash bar and give it a quick prime+spray paint too. According to Law in the south this car needs to be to be registered before 2/7/18 or I will face penalties (which nobody can tell me what they are!!)..... wish me luck!:eek::eek:


Fs I was at mine on Saturday never even thought lol, hasn't turned a wheel in months, only went to it to rob the battery and lift a few tools loool :p