Post your engine failure!


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my baby not working as she should.... i took off the exhaust and it started to miss. what to do :ep91:


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My 1st engine failure..


And my car is currently at RaceTech with a similar issue, should of went forged lol


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i blew my 4efe up a month and a half ago! :( was an idiot and screwed her in 1st gear with 4 in the car while very low on oil :( bye bye big end bearing, there was some deafening knocking :(.. 235,000kms on her :) decided to get myself a 4efte :D happy days :)
I had same problems with my glanza but i was lucky that it didnt damage my crank or shell bearings! I started stripping it one day because it was over boosting and going into limp mode. Only cool thing when it hit over boost it shot blue flames out exhaust and looked mint lighting up back of car like anti lag lol. I changed head gasket, head and exhaust manifold been goin fine ever since! Bring on the vtecs haha


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same thing happen to me and i change to a 5e bottom half and now i have diffrent problem oil star to come up the breather valve


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shorty after my first forged 5e setup i fitted and oil cooler and thermostat, but the stat i bough had no in/ou direction so i tried my luck thinking 50% chance, and damn i gotit wrong no oil pressure and started knocking almost instantly, anyway stripped apart new bearings, tollarences all fine and no scoring, about 10k on the forged 5e now.

but here is my latest,
first is the gearbox, c56(glanza gearbox) and roughly 330bhp - accelarate from 2 into 3rd, top end of 3rd gear it just seem to sheer the gear straight off. the only abnormality was i had about 130kgs in the boot (a spare mx5 engine) which will lead to my next demolition in a moment, but i can only assume that the extra weight in the car caused strain on the gearbox and insted of wheelspin i would usual get, it transfered into more traction and more strain on gears.

and now ill let these pics speak for themselves but basically mx5 1.8 engine - bone stock internals running 17psi on td05 16g turbo, i had run this setup for just over a year but on a VERY cold night i hit the limit of what the stock rods could take( about 260ibft):

gearbox from gt check out the metalic oil lol ( i did about 600miles with it grinding like fook as i really needed to use the car, but obviasly i had no 3rd gear, then eventualy 4th broke too lol





and the mazda engine:











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What type of knocking? I have a knock comming from bottom end, not on idle it's more pronounced when feathering the throttle. If I unplugg the ht lead on piston 4 I believe (next to cam belt) it stops!? Haven't had chance to take appart yet just wondered if sounds familiar?
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I have a knock comming from bottom end, not on idle it's more pronounced when feathering the throttle. If I unplugg the ht lead on piston 4 I believe (next to cam belt) it stops!?

More than likely you have a worn rod bearing on No.4 cylinder, removing the HT lead stops the combustion process and relieves most of the load off of that bearing, hence the reason why the knock goes away when that cylinder isn't firing. When one rod bearing is worn the chances are the remaining rod bearings and most likely the main crank bearings are not far behind. Depending on the mileage the engine has covered this will be a result of a poor service history or low oil pressure. If it's the latter then new bearing shells won't cure the problem, the oil pressure issue needs to be addressed first.

A bottom end bearing knock is not something you can ignore until you have the chance to deal with it, if any of the bearings fail it'll cause serious damage to the crankshaft. If you get this dealt with now then it may only cost you a set of bearing shells, if you leave it until something finally lets go the engine may even be too damaged to be rebuilt.


might aswell post my failures here aswell :)
had 3 failures in total, 2x engine, 1x turbo

first engine fail was due to oil starvation, going a roundabout a few times and flooring it on the straight.
no oil pressure and this is what happens to the bearings (my own dumb fault)


lessons learned, rebuilt her as new.

in the middle of winter, it was a lovely day and thought to take the turbo out of hibernation and take it for a drive.
however... i made a small mistake and this was the result:
this is the oil that came out of the turbo.... compressor side...



and this was the exhaust side...

the error i made was my catch can. the leads to the catch can were full of water and it was winter so it was frozen.
the engine could not lose the pressure in the block and the first thing that gave way were the turbo seals and it blew oil into the intake and exhaust.
took the turbo apart, cleaned it, checked it, nothing was broken :)

gave it a nice color and rebuilt it and boosting fine ever since :D


my latste failure:

was driving her quite fiercely, overtook a car, floored it, had a bit of a boost spike according to my SAFC (1.1 bar) at 7100rpm, rod went bang...
lots of smoke, lots of unhealthy noises as she died on me.

so after dragging her back home we started taking her apart

rod made a new hole :(

that side of the rod is supposed to be down

the rod also made an air hole at the back...

then we removed the sump to see what horrors awaited us
as expected the 3rd rod was snapped, and has made quite a mess of things


after a bit of a hassle i got the broken rod out


i'm a very very lucky person as the crank is undamaged! not a scratch on it and still rotates freely. will have it measured just to be sure.
all the bearrings were in perfect shape, no damage to the crank or block at all.

she's all rebuilt (again) and boosting fine now :)


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Hey guys, Is it possible for me to put a 550x230x65mm front mount intercooler on my ep91 instead of the 600x260x70mm....if anyone knows please advise.