Post your engine failure!


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its fairly common. just a weak point on some castings. it can be welded. i have a head with a welded repair and it was fine.


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They are indeed mate engine and lsd box out a glanza I broke to use in my gt as engine was in a bad way when I reshelled my car into the green shell and was smoking like a train so bought a donor glanza and had the engine and lsd box out of it. Changed all the sensors etc and sweet till the above happened. Fully forged now and can handle 2bar :)


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Were you the first buyer Jay? Lots of apparently 'untouched' and 'unmodded' cars have cheeky previous owners who will do such swaps and not say a word about it.. :)

5e colin

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Just to pick up on the whole 'Glanza rod' thing there, my GT came with these rods from the factory so they aren't purely a Glanza thing lol.


only in the last few quadlights can they be found at the end of probuction

shit rods anyways :) :)


GT's made in Dec 1995 got them ahead of the Glanza. Such as my auto.

Will post pics in here soon as they implode.


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Hi..So I have a GT 1994 quad headlight conversion. TD04L upgrade with bigger injectors, FMIC, Emanage Blue piggyback EMU, full race spec head, mainly stock internals, big fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator, full sports exhaust, immaculate original interior and paint (metallic black), some nice suspension mods, and latest Pioneer DVD player system.

This has been a real head turner and a true pocket rocket for many years without any major faults. These things seem to go and go. I have not pushed it above 12lb , not really needed to :) BUT,

last week I was in a hurry to jump in and get home after a hot day at work and it was hot outside (40 degrees C ) I thought I would check my radiator fluid level as I replaced some hoses a few days prior and wanted to ensure no leaks.... I took of the radiator cap and then got distracted...forgot to put it back on. Went down the freeway doing 120kph + and suddenly noticed temp gauge maxing out... so I pulled over right away but by then it was too late. I had cooked the engine :( not a drop of water left.

I had to get it towed home. Did compression test today...pissing water out of #3 cylinder plug chamber like a fountain :( comp = 80psi. Other cyls returned around 130-150psi.

Now what ? Is it the head gasket, the rings, the head itself ? OMFG I can't believe I killed my baby :(

I feel so awful....

PJ (Sydney, Australia)


Sorry to hear it PJ, can happen to the best of us :(

The head gasket is designed to be the first thing to fail so you may have gotten lucky but you will need to take the head off and examine what you find. Bare minimum is the gasket and head bolts although as old gaskets and seals are removed you may spot a few that are worth replacing whilst they are off.

As you have the cylinder head off you should send it to a machine shop/engineer to have it tested for flatness. Depending on the amount of heat it experienced it may need a slight skim just. You could always have them replace the valve stem oil seals and clean up the valves while it is with them to prevent issues in the future. Totally depends on your budget and plans of course. I've known a few guys to just slide a new gasket in and bolt it back up lol.

Keep us all posted on progress.

PS. not jealous of all that hot weather at all. It's 0 degrees outside and there is frost everywhere here!