Post your engine failure!


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its fairly common. just a weak point on some castings. it can be welded. i have a head with a welded repair and it was fine.


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They are indeed mate engine and lsd box out a glanza I broke to use in my gt as engine was in a bad way when I reshelled my car into the green shell and was smoking like a train so bought a donor glanza and had the engine and lsd box out of it. Changed all the sensors etc and sweet till the above happened. Fully forged now and can handle 2bar :)


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Were you the first buyer Jay? Lots of apparently 'untouched' and 'unmodded' cars have cheeky previous owners who will do such swaps and not say a word about it.. :)

5e colin

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Just to pick up on the whole 'Glanza rod' thing there, my GT came with these rods from the factory so they aren't purely a Glanza thing lol.


only in the last few quadlights can they be found at the end of probuction

shit rods anyways :) :)


GT's made in Dec 1995 got them ahead of the Glanza. Such as my auto.

Will post pics in here soon as they implode.