Power fc cold start idle?


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Has anyone else with a power fc found that from a cold start the idle rpm seems excessively high?

It doesn't stay that high for long and once it gets some temperature in it, it settles down fine.

I just find it strange. Does it on both my GTs with the power fc. Has anyone else found this? Is it done for a reason or does anyone know how to sort it if it's not meant to be doing that?


I have zero experience with power FC but is your waxstat okay on those cars? Have had more than one go faulty causing 2k+ rpm at cold start.


How high is excessive bud ? From memory mine will idle around 1100 from cold start then drop to 8/900 when warm.
The Caldina the odd time has went to 15/1700 on cold start but settles after a few minutes. I'm talking like a handful of times in 2 years


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Nearly 2500 rpm, so pretty excessive. It's more like 2000 if the ambient temp is warmer.

Does the same every time. One car is worse than the other, but both are pretty high.

Once warmed up a bit they settle down and when up to temp, Idles where it should (900ish)


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What is a power FC? Is it programmable?
If so then have a look what the cold start parameters looks like? Maybe its adding a bunch of timing?
This is how I aid cold start with aftermarket ECUs when I do not have an air bleed valve, add about 10deg timing for a short while.

On another note I see that the later 5E engines came with electronic idle control :) Not sure if Glanza did?


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Apexi power fc. How have you never heard of them

It's a standalone and the cold rpm is set correctly (can't remember the exact figure).
I can't imagine many people would change it from the standard figures tbh.

It doesn't cause a big issue, but just seems a bit odd that it goes that high!!!
I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue or if it is something I am doing wrong?
this is not starlet related, but i know of an Evo with an apexi power fc on it which does the exact same thing you described,

i'm not sure if it can be tuned out or if you have to live with it...these are very old technology compared to the modern standalones, so could be the processing abilities, algorithms, etc..but who know?!


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So if it is a stand alone then just tune it :) I will cry if my cold engine starts of with 2500rpm :D
I have heard of the name but there is no such ECU here where I live.

Can you connect your ECU to a laptop? I had a quick google and I see a black hand held device they use on it :/
yeah, it can be connected via laptop, but needs the specific software from what i remember...i think there was some kind of conditions regarding the software, but i can't remember exactly what...may be some one who knows for sure will chip in

that's why many use the hand held controller to tune, but i suppose it would take longer


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It comes preloaded with a base map which is pretty good to get you started.
As said, most people don't touch those settings and it is set at say 950rpm or something, I can't remember exactly and need to check when I next use the car.

It is only for a short while, like a few minutes perhaps.
Higher rpm isn't much of an issue when cold, keeps the oil pressure up ;)

I have the hand commander and the software. I will take screenshots of my settings and post up
dac69er...are there any restrictions that you know of on the use/downloading of the software on different laptops or the number of devices it can be installed on?


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The software is is free with no restrictions. You do need the box that allows you to connect to the power fc though, that is the hard bit to get.


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Engine also idles kinda high at 1800-1500 from cold start for 2 min which isn't great settles to about 1100-900(maybe I'll lower it a bit with the idle screw).

Do you know if any of the power fcs idle high from back then? If the mr2 ones also do it, it is most likely normal I guess. What I know about the fc is that it was never made for the starlet and a company modified the mr2 fc to work with the 4e-fte, maybe not everything was done perfectly?


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Some power fcs were modified by different tuning companies. It was done legitimately, not bob down the road.

The mr2 power fc can be made to work with the starlet yourself with minimal effort.

I tried fully closing the idle control screw and it did drop the idle a bit, but once warm it struggled to maintain idle properly. I've now set it back.

It does sound like it is pretty normal if everyone else's is doing It?!?!