Raising the dead - Exhumed 2E


Thought I would share this with the group.

If anyone remembers my trackstar they will remember the old 2E-E surviving my best attempts at engine killing. The bugger was still running when I ripped it out to convert to 4EFTE..

Fast forward 3 and a half years (YEAH - I couldn't believe that either!) and I dug this out of a flowerbed :

Seeing it covered in soil, grass, insects and corrosion I couldn't resist seeing if I had finally seized the bastard and claimed victory. :)

To my complete disbelief it still turns.. :haha:



Truly amazing! Just goes to show simplicity = reliability...even after 3 years with nature.


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the 2e,3e's never really seemed to reap loads of bhp but the 2e can take abuse..and i was shocked to see how fast it spooled a k26!! ( jun cams played its role but still surprised)


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OMFG 3 & a 1/2 years?!?! has it really been that long jay :eek: fuking hell time flies!!

anyways back on topic.. good ol toyota!!! trully a die hard engine :rockon: