Rattles and squeaks

No idea where to put interior questions, so hope here is okay.

I'm sick of hearing sunroof and parcel shelf noises.

Sunroof seems to squeak, right above my head, whether open or closed. Greased the seals, no difference.

Parcel shelf makes all the rattle noises.

Both combined are starting to get on my tits, cant lie. Anybody managed to fix either of these?
regarding the parcel shelf...i bought felt pads/strips with the sticky underside...cut it to length and stuck it along the plastic trims where the shelf sits...i suppose anything that has some padding/cushioning will do the trick
Sweeeet! I shall order some of ebay, good idea mate


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I tried various things and found it was actually the pegs on the parcel shelf rattling in the clips. Put a turn of insulation tape on each one and it stopped it :)