RR Result - TD04 1.5bar - 256bhp :(

Got the car dynoed on Friday, car is running 95 ron, bit disappointed with the result c&c welcome!


Solid is power & torque @1.5
Dashed @1.2

I'll get a proper scan up tomorrow
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Thats a good result mate!

I would not feel disheartened by the dyno numbers, how does it feel on the road?


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Good result mate, your prob pushing the turbo a little far at 1.5 bar. From what it looks like you made a smidge more torque at 1.2 bar. As long as it feels good thats all that counts! :)


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1.5bar is some serious boost for a td04, AFRs good? timing good?

any chance the motor was on the dyno long enough to cook any good figures out of itself?

Tbh I wasn't sure what boost to run, I knew 1.5 was about the limit.

Ye it was Chris and the thing is at the time the engine wasn't too healthy and this one has been built to take a lot of advanced timing so I was expecting more power like for like at 1.2 (graph below)

I never got an afr graph phil only got stephen to fire it on the rollers quickly, it wasn't on for very long.



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From what i gather, Chris tuned it a while back and it made good numbers, now you say you have built an engine to take more abuse, has it been mapped since the new engine?
Ye that's right, on the second graph, solid line is power and torque with old map and engine, dashed is power and torque on new engine and map. Both at 1.2bar, old map using 97 ron as opposed to 95 ron.


Some people don't live within a practical distance of a fuel station that supply's higher grades of fuel so they opt for a 95ron map that they can buy local

Fair enough. It can be a bit tricky when you pull into a services and they've run out too!