Sard fpr issues, is it fake?!


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Going to try and keep this basic rather than an essay; just got a nice SARD rrfpr to replace my fse.

It's making a weird noise and I've read of others getting this across other cars but the questions popped up on all of them is it actually genuine sard?

Here's a car making the same sound with a sard fpr.

Both the fuel nipples won't screw in any further, but it seems to be sealed and no apparent leaks? Tried everything I can think of to get them in fully.

Surface Finnish on this side looks a bit sketchy?

Used the SARD site to try and determine it is genuine, and to me I don't see anything to fully determine it's a fake.[/quote]


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Mikey B you hero! That's the kinda thing I was looking for!

99% sur this is real it's just that sound...! My plan is to run the car tommorrow and see if it goes away, I've also read about raising and lowering the pressure min/max apparantly this can get rid of the sound! I've read of a lot of people on forums having this noise, I can put up with it aslong as its not a fake or about to blow up lol. Thanks, any other opinions?


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Read this dude, I got a dud one as well!

I've seen that but I think it's a bit contradictory, as they're selling blue units they're not rare and the SARD official site doesnt say half of what that says to look out for, perhaps it's old/inaccurate info, thanks for the input!


Sard have a page on how to spot a faker, came in handy when I win a real 1 on Ebay for 25 quid new lol