Selling an engine how to prove spec...


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Wondering id anyone has any other ideas on this, the engine in my car is out of the last sprint car Dave at T.M. Developements built i know the spec of the engine but i've got no proof as i'd known Dave for years so never needed it and never thought i'd be in this situation where i wouldn't have him to go back too.

Now i'm considering selling it, apart from pulling the sump off to show what has been done to the bottom end, i can show dyno results from when i had the car mapped (sure a stock engine wouldn't make over 300hp for very long ;) )and offer to take any interested partys out in the car before a sale was made. Is there any other things i could do?

I'm not close to making my mind up on selling yet but it's something that has been going through my head this last couple of months.


I've borrowed the endoscope in work to check pistons in the past but some buyers will want to be 100% certain so it may come to taking the sump off mate.