smells like turbo seals


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Hi all,

recently noticed blue smoke from my ep82. It doesn't smoke on start up and it doesn't smoke at idle which probably rules out valve stem. if I keep it on boost there is no smoke either but when I let of the accelerator and the revs drop to around 2000rpm there's a bellow of distinctive blue smoke. I know its probably the turbo but what causes this to happen? the was rebuilt 5000 mile ago. would a bit of chatter cause this over time?

thanks in advance.
There are loads of arguments for and against whether chatter has a negative effect on turbo life. Is it still under warranty? You could pop the intercooler and cat/decat off to have a look for any signs of oil
i have the same problem from 3 years ago . i didnt find any solution , i did change my engine twice and changed the turbo seals more than 10 times , but i think the problem from the turbo bearing they are worn out . i didnt not change the bearing when i rebuilt my turbo . but im sure they are not turbo seals
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