Some track fun


Rear ARB fitted:


Grille fitted to the mouth as well:


Little bit of a noise from the box, possibly diff starting to sound iffy. Didn't hear it on the roadtest but definitely something there when jacked up and spinning the wheels. Would certainly give me an excuse to upgrade I suppose..


Dammit - simple fix due to me being simple.

Bit of the chopped trackrod had dropped behind the brake disc causing a rattle. My bad.

No upgrades or side grades authorised. :(


Unexpected track action yesterday:

Surprisingly it held together on road tyres and cheap brakes. Really struggled power wise though, about 95% of the field was faster lol.

Kinda suits a smaller track but still enjoyed the outing.


Some more bracing added at the back.



After a short road test I'm fairly sure that's the back ready for stiffer suspension now. The front needs more bracing now to even things out then I can worry about upgrading shocks/springs and all the holes that are appearing in the soft top.
its always good to test things in stages,,, see what works and what doesn't,,,so you have a better idea when you make the changes...should be an even more fun car when sorted
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Yeah, always found it best to change one thing at a time to gauge how well each bit works.

These brace the rear sub frame against the floor and really have given a lot more feel to the chassis. Can feel all the bumps over rear tyres now whereas the front end is still relatively soft.

Wouldn't say they have added confidence to the mix, I figure a front lower brace is next on the hitlist.


Recent additions were a set of front arms, trackrod ends and balljoints to freshen up the front suspension. Had a used set of front hubs shot blasted as the PSF wheel bearing was singing away to itself. Been meaning to do this for a long time and it was good to get it out of the way.


Eyeballed the alignment and took it to Kirkistown for some testing.


Pretty much a full day of countless laps on one of the warmest weeks of the year. Poor car took some abuse and I got sun burnt but both of us survived. Only one 'off' which was my own fault for pushing it on in what was meant to be a warm up lap.

The back end is now fairly solid - the added braces have done wonders. Compared to how it was at the start I can now feel what the chassis is doing much better, especially under hard driving.

Geometry is on the list now. Also my front lower brace should be here any time so I'd like to get that fitted before addressing the OEM springs and dampers. Things could get expensive...