Some track fun

more track fun to be had and more money required to get the project "just right"...the never ending demands, but we do it anyways...long live the project builders :D
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Bit of a quick wash to reward it for Monday's action:


Also the brace landed for the front end. Think that's the last of the bracing done.


All thoughts now turn to MOT at the end of the month. I got handbrake cables to attack and I'm not looking forward to them. Have to drop the fuel tank to access the bolts apparently!


Well I don't want to do that again..


Have a handbrake again which is nice though. Don't think Toyota thought about replacing handbrake cables. Two quite major bolts require the fuel tank to be removed for access. Total mission of job!

Front brace has added quite a bit of confidence with the handling. Turns in nicely and feels solid on the road. The track will no doubt make a fool of me but sure it usually does.



Fair bit of rust present underneath but hopefully I'll get a go at MOT this month.

Next up is to get the geometry checked and set. Might look at lowering springs. Depending on how the roof holds up to this winter might have to strip out the carpets as well. All good fun.
do you have to remove any aftermarket parts when taking a MOT test?
must the car be in standard form?

just a few questions as we don't really have to do a MOT here for private vehicles...i think an annual inspection is only done for public transportation and commercial vehicles


No bud, car can be as modified as you want :)
Our local government MOT centre is the main training centre for Northern Ireland. I've put some very questionable exhaust systems through over the years :)