Squeaky/chirpy belts????


Yea maybe if the surfaces are too shiny it is slipping a bit as it's not getting enough grip bud


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It only really does it when the engine is warmed up. This weather I wouldn't want to run the car for very long without the water pump turning!

Removing the power steering belt did it seem to make much difference last time I tried, bit will give it another go just in case.

I will have another look at the pulley too. Maybe rough it up a bit. I tried spraying water on it to see if it changed the sound and it made no difference though :(


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Are they genuine Toyota belts bud ?
No, but I've never used genuine belts in my life. I mostly use gates belts. I've tried different brands and none have made a difference in this particular car.

I even swapped a set of belts off one of my other cars that made no noise and tried them on this car. The noise didn't move with the belts.
at this point i think you may need a priest to perform an exorcism it seems...smh, you've tired almost everything at this point.
i have no doubt that whenever you find the issue that it will be something very simple.


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This particular engine has always done it for as long as I remember. Before and after it was rebuilt.

Weather has stopped play for now as I'm not going to be messing about with it in the pouring rain :(

I will have another look at it asap and see how I get on.......