Starlet GT (1991)


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Recently bought a starlet GT for $2500 AUD as my first JDM car - I am looking fixing some of the common issues and just modifying to make it a bit better.

1) What the best sway bar options for handling and should I install front and rear, or just front?
2) I want to install 15" wheels as there the sweet spot between performance and looks, would I need to make change/cut or roll anything to make these fit?
3) Are there options for bigger brakes on this particular cars? I often see WillWood commonly installed.
4) Exhaust options, is it better go custom or prebuilt?

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Welcome along buddy :) start a build thread keep track off what you are doing :cool:
Sway/roll bars, white line seems to be popular and people rate them highly, anti lift kits are available too for the front arms
15" wheels are perfect, make sure you get the right offset tho and you won't need to modify anything to fit them
Brakes, there are loads off options available and off the shelf kits, a local member Phil sells will wood kits for the starlets, shipping to OZ wouldn't be a problem either. I've seen the 4pot celica gt-four callipers and discs on a glanza too, loads off work tho. My GT I have celica st185 gt-four twinpots and Vauxhall corsa discs to fit, I've mocked them up and they are a bolt on conversion, just need a spigot ring made for the hub difference between the discs :)
Exhausts, loads off options available as well, I'm running a Blitz Nur Spec system with the middle boxes removed so its straight through from the turbo into the Nur Spec back box, 3" system, 2.5" decat

Loads off information on here bud, enjoy :)


Welcome to TGTT :cool:

Sounds like you got a sweet project, will be good to see some progress so please think about adding a build thread.

Sway bars are a good modification for the chassis, there's a few types like TRD and Cusco for the fronts but Whiteline are an Australian company so probably a bit more accessible to you. They do an adjustable rear bar too which helps keep the rear planted.

With 15" wheels you might get a bit of tyrewall scrubbing on the OSR wheel arch. Try to keep the wheel offset around ET37 or 38 to minimise it or buy an adjustable panhard rod which can solve the issue.

Alternative brake kits to the spec of Wilwood are WMS and TypeMR. Phil who owns TypeMR is a personal friend and a site member. Pretty sure he will look after you anyway but mention TGTT if you are in contact with him.

The Japanese exhaust options are pretty much limited to secondhand examples now. A custom system might be an easier option depending on where you are and who you know. Not sure if WEPR offers exhausts at the minute but that could be another option too.

Hope the site proves useful to you!



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Hi guys,

Thanks for the information - super helpful stuff!

Jay did you have an example of wheels with an ET37 or 38 - so I can start planning my budget as I was looking at the TE37s? Regarding the panhard rod do you know of any companies that sell kits so I can look into it?

I just purchased the Blitz Nur-Spec exhaust which hopefully should be here within a week or so as it's coming from Japan. (Thanks for your recommendation Skiny.)

I will upload photos of the vehicle after it's finished from the mechanic as it hasn't driven since 2015 and needs a full mechanical overhaul, and check up.


The offset will be stamped onto the rim somewhere, usually the back but I've seen them on the front in some cases.

I've had major scrubbing with ET35 on TSW, BBS and various others in the past. Don't remember my TE37's rubbing at all but that could just be selective memory.

Cusco, Whiteline and ZEP spring to mind for panhard rods.