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So I’m looking to replace front and rear suspension however most information I see is on coilovers. I’m not trying to spend that kind of money right now as it’s a daily driver and I live in Guam (roads are crap). I also don’t have an idea of what I should really be looking for, this is my first project car so I’m new to working on vehicles myself. I’m assuming I need shocks for front and rear as well as springs but I’m not sure how to size them or if it’s all somewhat universal. I’ve looked on RHD and ID Workz…any other sites? Not sure if I trust ebay that much.


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Side note: also looking to get an ac compressor but have no luck finding anything aftermarket…
Well come to the forum. You are better off with shocks and lowering springs. I would go for a 40mm lowering springs any make they are the same and Kyb shocks they are the same as the UK starlets. Your local moter Factors can order them in.
Stick With springs. either get lowering ones, or leave it on the stock ones. your back will thank you.

heck, i bought coilovers to LIFT my starlet. wild stuff


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How do you guys size the shocks? I see different ones for different males but I don’t know what equivalent, do you all typically just go off the sample? I’m spinning my wheels right now and getting nowhere (pun intended).
in terms of road performance Per Dollar? / overall cost?
RHDJAPAN, IDWORKZ, EBAY, those are the places i shop.

Worst Cost, Best Track capacity, Harshest ride Via spring rates
BC BR Gold Coilovers, Expensive, almost no body roll. Harsh Ride even on softest setting, default springrate

if you want to be the Fastest Lad up the mountain, these are for you. they come at the same cost as the Neomax option, But Heavily sacrifice Ride quality in favor of harsher spring rates to keep the car steady.

Greatest Quality, Second best Right Quality, Very good at chasing people up mountains.
Silvers NeoMax, S Series Would recommend these highly, had them on a lot of vehicles i have owned :)
Less track orientated compared to ( higher spec'd ) BC Racing Gold coilover's, but a nice middle ground and a lot nicer on the roads.

Solid replacements for OE quality
Anything By Tein, coilover's or strut replacements and springs
Good cost, easy to install, more street friendly

Really solid replacement for springs itself
RSR TI 2000 Springs, (ill have a set of these for sale soon too). can be bought new as well :)
Cost effective AND really nice, Rides perfect on the street, will also lower your ride for you

The bad area, Don't be that guy who follows this. do not buy this stuff.
extremely Cheap for a reason.

Chopped springs
Popular for EP91's in australia because people Here are cheap.
The devils Gamble itself, looks mad, Rides worse, Prepare for the spine damage of a 60 year old at 25.

Unknown Brand Coilovers, cheap knockoff kits on Ebay
Just dont.


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That’s some great info man, yeah I’ve been struggling with souring for my EP82 since I live in Guam so a lot of folks won’t ship out here. I’ve had to cross reference a few shock absorbers and finally found the equivalent to what I would get from KYB but I’m still a bit skeptical since it’s not the KYB brand. As for coilovers I keep hearing different things about them so I haven’t been trying to buy them since I heard they don’t really increase ride quality and are more of a performance style suspension. I’m just looking to get my ride running smooth as my daily for now and when I get back mainland I’ll look into tuning it up. It’s not feasible here.