Tempted to sell the new Forged 4E...


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Plans have changed and I just can't be bothered running big power anymore.. I have sold my WEPR TD04 kit and still haven't even ran in the New Forged 4E Engine.

It's been sitting in the car for a few months now and I start it up every few days and drive it around the yard, so I can't see the point in keeping such a high spec engine if I'm gonna use it as a daily driver. Engine has been fully stripped and every seal / washer, etc.. has been replaced. It is a very high spec engine and I would rather see someone take it and use it for what it's made for.

Is there any interest for forged engines nowadays??

I've totally lost interest & been tempted to break and sell everything but I think the sensible option is to put a standard 4E back into it and put it on the road!

Opinions welcome :)

triple j

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Why not use the forged engine as a daly, just because its forged dont mean it has to run big power and get raged all the time, stick a td05 on it lad and use it as a good fresh reliable daily, and when u want to open her out u can in style (1.6 bar) lol.


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i agree. you will never get the money back that you spent on that build.

drive it, enjoy it, you dont need big power to enjoy it.

personally i really enjoyed running a hybrid ct9 on my forged engine for a bunch of months, was great crack.



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See you point John, BUT
Leave it in there if you get another 4E half a year down the road it could start smoking or bottom end could go,

Least you know you have a very healthy reliable engine and know what was done. Slap the the ct9 what she was mad for and enjoy what power it's ment to have. :-D


Stick on a hybrid and run 1.2bar, be a perfect daily and still plenty of power to enjoy up the gap! :p


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just have it mapped on 2 settings..pussy spec at 0.7bar for everyday then have a nice cheeky 1.6bar map for animal spec lol youll regret selling that lump TRUST ME!!