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With the sun slowly setting in the West, TERCEL1 prepairs to add a few more
miles (one quarter mile at a time) to its clock which, just the other day, turned
197,000 miles

Getting ready, with only a few miles on the newly installed clutch/PP package to
'break it in' at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD.

In the lanes for one of our five lack-luster passes... FRUSTRATING, to say the least!

It's getting late, I gotta get up at 4 AM and there seems to be no end to the delays...

After my (less than stellar) 4th and 5th passes, I pulled TERCEL1 back into
test'n'tune lane #4 and waited to race the car which was in lane #3 BUT FIRST,
we'd have to wait for the 25 (or so) pair N/T (no time) cars were pulled from lanes #1 & 2.

Had I known it was going to take as long as it ende up taking, I'd have gone home
after my 5th run but, as they say, hind sight is 20/20.

I was pretty patient as pair after pair of N/T cars blasted down the 1/4 mile... I took
that time to take a few staging lane shots.


With just two pair left to be pulled from the N/T lanes, I fired up TERCEL1 let it
idle to operating temperature... WHAT!??? The guy in charge of the staging
lanes gave me the KILL SIGN and as I wondered what was going on, I cut the engine...

Appears that a grudge race was in the making and as 60 feet of the track was prepped,
onlookers gathered around the two cars which were approaching the water box to
heat up their tires for a $$$$ race!

This was all, well and good but it was pushing the time deeper and deeper into the
night... Now, there were so many people from the starting line to the front of the
staging lanes that I couldn't even see the two cars that would be racing...

After countless burnouts and staging antics the two cars exploded off the line and
vanished into the darkness (I assume, 'cuz I could only see the back of over 100
spectators who had converged on the starting line!

When it was over, the staging lane manager, motion the first two pair of test'n'tune
cars into the water box to do our respective burnout... BUT, because the sea of
humanity was so large, their dispersal, took several minutes.

Next thing I notice (and I was almost at the end of my rope by this time) the guy
calling us into the water box is motioning me to do my burn out... I motioned to him,
that THERE WERE PEOPLE still leaving the area and so could NOT!!!! He
insisted on my burning out so they could resume racing (it was getting VERY
by now) so, I gave a few exasperated hand gestures and FINALLY
pulled into the water box, did a half-ass burn out and carefully moved TERCEL1
up to the starting line and lit both staging lights!

I must tell you that at this point, not only was I wanting to get home but was very
PISSED over the staging guy's attitude (as he must have been about mine as

FINALLY!!!! Staged, on the two-step, watching Christmas tree lights descend...
and then, UNLEASH THE BEAST...!!!


alf :homer:


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That's an awesome launch, great 60ft 1.6! Really quick to 330! I think you will be clipping 10 sec et's real soon, keep it up!


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Great job Alf ,i assume u dropped tire pressure for that 1.6 60 foot? got my tercel to 11.8 last run, looking to get a time like yours this time around.