Tim at TB developments - feedback!


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I have noticed that quite a few people on the forum recommended Tim, but none of them put a feedback for him.

I would like to thank Tim, for the help provided (even at 2 at night when needed). He is very knowledgeable mechanic with many years of experience and a good rate of pay (j30 per hour).

He has a Glanza himself, so it's makes it easier to do the diagnostics and fault finding, as well as you can be certain that he knows the car very well.

As I had a problem with the sensor, but no error code, to rule out the other sensors, he swapped a few from his car and put them on my car, to see if it will fix the problem.

If I ever will be able to save some cash for the TD04 setup - he will be the one to install if for me, the same applies to the Engine rebuild and so on.

It's over 90 mile drive from Milton Keynes, but it's worth every penny, and even with the petrol expenses I still save some money compared to local mechanics (£50+ ph).

Thanks Tim.
not at the moment but i hope to be soon.

was talking about this to texx last time we spoke. doesn't seem to be anyone good with a starlet in my area (midlands/worcestershire) so think it would be a good time to move into the starlet market more

Tim :)


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I would like to thank Tim, for his great support and huge help provided for the Pre-MOT checks, also he checked my timing absolutely for free!
Would highly recommend to anyone!

And yeah, those Mr2's in the garage are awesome, you need to post some pics of your cars on the forum Tim.


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TB Developments - Tim

Hi All,

Recently had some work completed by Tim @ TB developments - Top lad his knowledge, friendlyness and expertise is second to none, his attention to detail is on the edge of OCD! in a good way! if you want something doing properly go to Tim.

I've been to literally loads of "tuners" in the past and Tim is up there with the best, rather than continuing to go with your usual tuners give time a buzz as an alternative to make sure your current tuners stay on their toes and give you a good service ;)

Whether its fittng an exhaust system or requiring a fully forged 1,000bhp build tim can deliver.

I'd recommend his competitive pricing and expertist to any TGTT owner.

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Ordered some parts from tim recently, wasn't exactly sure which ones I needed but tim kept me right and made sure it was the correct part that I got. Was on a bit of a deadline with my car and he sent them out 1st class recorded for me which was great and received them in plenty of time + very well packaged. Tim was very helpful and communicated well with me over pm both before ordering and after. He came across as very helpful and friendly and although it was only a few minor items that I ordered he still took time and effort to sort them out for me and sometimes it's the small things that matter. Anyway very highly recommended by me and will have no doubt that I will have dealings with him in the future. Thanks very much.


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Would like to say a big thanks to Tim for his help over the last year or so.
First started when I was having boost controller issues, gave Tim a ring and was very helpful on the phone and had no problems answering any questions I had.

From then on me and Tim spoke on a regular basis about future plans for my car, and with his brilliant service, knowledge and friendlyness I had no doubts where to go for any upgrades. I told Tim where I wanted to go with the car and he was very helpful in explaining and selecting the correct parts for my build.
I then sourced a 5E engine and started getting quotes for a forged engine package, I went to Tim and gave him some part numbers, a week later he came back to me with a price and I have to say it put a huge grin on my face, I had no doubts about ordering the parts through Tim with his very good communication.
Tim was originally going to be building the engine for me, but since I have had some difficulties this has now been put on hold.

I would highly recommend Tim for any questions you may have, ordering parts, service checks or even forged builds. His quality is second to none, along with his vast experience and knowledge of the scene. I hope to see Tim on here as a trader as he is very active, keen and willing to help anyone, let alone his fantastic prices, best in the business!

I would like to thank Tim again for the hard work he has put in for my benefit.

Here are some pics of the parts I have recieved




Thankyou very much Adam for that nice feedback. I do my best and I wish you all the best of luck with you situation and hopefully I'll see you again soon and we can do that engine build you wanted :)

Tim :)

Rob H

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TIM what can I say!! perfect in every way!! some one has commented about a bit of OCD and hes not wrong lol!! Tim is easy to communicate with and what he tells you is exactly what you get!! great service and great bloke to deal with!!

Cheers Rob


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TIM, great service as usual. Thank you very much for all your help, support and great service!

It doesn't matter what is wrong with your Toyota - TIM is the MAN for the JOB - A+ for you TIM.

I'd highly recommend TIM for anyone, you will NOT be disappointed!
Was stuck for a valve seat for my wastegate so tim took one off a wastegate he had in stock to save time and posted friday, arived today very happy with the service and quick shipping thanks again tim
Was stuck for a part last friday so sent tim a pm and he said he had the part and sent it that day, arived in the door monday thanks again tim defo recomend to anyone looking for parts


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Tim, you have saved my a** AGAIN. Thank you for all the help provided. You're the best mechanic I have ever met no doubt.

My car has been thoroughly inspected and serviced for the MOT. Thanks to Tim I have finally sorted my terrible MPG and the car has been professionally serviced, as well as replaced the DIzzy/Rotor and the o2 Sensor.

A+ for you Tim.

If anyone is looking for one of the best car mechanics on this forum at the affordable price - Tim is the man you should speak to!!!


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positive feedback

Recently used Tim for getting hold of some parts that every tuning company said they couldn't get hold of!! (in the states, wiseco 74mm pistons) he got straight onto them and I sent payment and now have them. very happy with his service would definitely buy through him again :)