TOMS Forged TD04 Quadlight EP82 GT Turbo - £1700

For sale: TOMS Forged TD04 Quadlight EP82 GT Turbo

Item Condition: See description

Price and price conditions: £1700

Extra Info:

I've owned this car for the last 5 years, I had it imported from Japan by a friend of mine and it was a long 3 months waiting for it to arrive!

Jay and Chris Carson have both worked on the car along the years so speak to them if you like re the below.

Car came fairly standard and then I went about changing that, resulting in the following modifications:

Engine & Drivetrain
The Engine was forged about 15,000 miles ago, parts were bought from Toyota and Momentum Motorsport, the engine was built by Alan Jackson of McBriar's Toyota in Killinchy, Alan has built countless race engines and also done a lot of Rally work and will happily talk to anyone regarding the engine. Block work was carried out by Comisky Engineering. Car is making 260HP.

Since the above I drove through a puddle just below a foot deep, water splashed up into the air filter and the engine cut out. Tried to turn it over once and it wouldn't start so it got put on a trailer and stored in my mates shed since. The result being that there is a possibility a rod got bent, having said that there is also the possibility it just needs drained of oil and new plugs etc. I don't have the knowledge or the time or the will to spend any more cash (of which I've spent a lot) on it, if I fixed it I'd just be selling it anyway hence the price. A long list of parts, have a breaking value far in excess of the price I am looking.

JE 13.5cc 74.5mm dished forged pistons
Scat forged rods
TRD 0.6mm Head Gasket
ARP uprated headbolts
Genuine Toyota Full Gasket Kit
Genuine Toyota Oil Pump Kit
OEM Water Pump Kit
OEM Cambelt Kit inc Idler & Tensioner
ACL Main Bearing Kit
ACL Big End Bearing Kit
ACL Thrust Washer Kit
460cc injectors with all new seals
WEPR Front Mount Intercooler
WEPR mild steel externally gated evolution manifold
WEPR stainless steel screamer pip
WEPR stainless steel decat
WEPR stainless lines
TIAL 38mm wastegate with 1bar spring
TD04 Turbo
Stainless exhaust, I think it's APEXI
Low temperature thermostat
Blue Magnecore HT leads
New heat range 7 NGK spark plugs
New Toyota dizzy cap and rotor arm
New Toyota PCV
GReddy oil filler cap
HKS dump valve
SPEC 6 PUK Paddle Clutch & New Flywheel

TRD front anti roll bar
Whiteline adjustable rear anti roll bar
KYB Special SR Shocks and Espilir 40mm springs (moved from coilovers far better in the real world)

Wheels and Brakes
15" Racing Hart CP035 alloys (could do with a refurb)
Yokohoma parada spec2 tyres with good tread
WMS four pot calipers
EBC Pads
Stainless steel braided brake lines
New rear discs and pads last year for the MOT
DOT 5.1 Fluid

Interior & Electronics
Apexi AVCR Electronic Boost Controller
GReddy Emanage Ultimate with 3Bar map sensor and FIELD extension harness
60mm Apexi EL boost gauge
Laser pro park speed gun jammer
JVC Stereo/Amp/6x9s and front speakers
Doorcards retrimmed in alcantara
Red Recaro Speed seats
ZEP seat rails
Recaro rear bench
Optional extra boot mat

Note the TOMS bumper is off the car due to it getting broken on the recovery lorry
TOMS sideskirts
Livesports rear lip
Wind deflectors
Rear windows light smoke tint


Contact Details:
Mobile : 07837923660
Email :

Northern Ireland - Car is located in comber and can be viewed 9am - 8pm Mon-Fri and 9am-6pm on a saturday

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Can be shipped anywhere in the UK if you like or collected.
It's been stored for the past year, getting tidied up a bit today and pics as it sits. It had water in the footwells (didn't reach any electrics) and had the window down for about a month so the seats could do with a clean.
Be sad to see it go but hopefully it's priced that somebody can give it a new lease of life or at least keep a few others going and get a turn while they're at it.


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Scottish shaun is keen, and ive found him sound to deal with, so if its going out of N.I. that would be a safe route.

Other than that, i hope someone local buys it and keeps it together or close to one piece anyways!





I've lost track of it, sold it on and fairly sure he still has it.

It did make it back on the road you will be glad to hear :)

Also your old engine wasn't a total goner either - bottom end is in my GT outside :p


What was the registration number, can check online see if its been mot etc :) 1800 I gave for mine 3 years ago lol
I've lost track of it, sold it on and fairly sure he still has it.

It did make it back on the road you will be glad to hear :)

Also your old engine wasn't a total goner either - bottom end is in my GT outside :p
Ha I'm glad to hear its living on somewhere! They really are rare these days


Before anyone thinks wow, that was simple this engine looked like the inside of the Mars rover :


Don't hit standing water folks o_O


Yeah, hydrolocked then sat for a year. Then I bought it.

Just looking at them pics makes me think I got the wrong engine - must have a dig on the garage PC and double check..