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Quick google search for Aspinall Cars, brings up Aspinall Auto's, where the contact name is Rob.

toby was always based in surrey if you search about. guess he could have possibly moved, but doubt he would be silly enough to use a name that people would recognise.
I watched the full lot, some mount off cars he got and crashed over the years. Not the best pilot in the world. Would love to have all the money he spent on the cars and parts. I would be mortgage free for 2 are 3 homes. He likes the sound of his own voice. What's the story with sunglasses on him in every videos on YouTube?
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I never knew that. That Monkey London guy is Toby Aspinall. Does he still go by his real name Toby then or do people just call him Monkey these days.

Watch a few of his videos, I would have never linked him to ToyTuning.

I think I got lucky with him, never had a problem with any parts.


You where lucky then sacha :cool:how has nobody caught up with him if he's sooo public these days, god help him if he had a wiped my eye lol
It's Toby Aspinall on camera of Toy Tuning infamy. He's rebranded himself as Monky London.

John is just his sidekick from what I gather. I couldn't listen to more than 10 minutes.
Crazy to think of the history of some people huh? i even watched his starlet videos, fuck its what has kept me going knowing i havent had my car for so long, him along with a few others such as MightyCarMods And even Juicebox, are what made me want a starlet to begin with

also, sorry for the thread necro.
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