toyota ae86 levin jdm import


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For sale: ae86 levin jdm import

Item Condition:

Price and price conditions: £3000 no offers

Extra Info:


Contact Details: dan 07986940249

Location: heathrow london

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:


Cusco 6 point rear roll cage

Hks jasma stamped tubular manifold

Apexi n1 exhaust system and decat pipe

Cusco 2-way lsd

Trd 4.3 final drive

Trd adjustable dampers and lowered springs

Ultra 8mm ignition leads

Recaro reclining seats

jdm steering wheel

Luke 4 point harness (drivers side)

Front and rear strut brace

Sony cd/mp3 head unit

Tax expires: 31st dec 2009

Mot expires: july 3rd 2010

Speedo reads 88,139km (replacement engine covered around 35-40k miles)

Cambelt replaced at 83,725 with receipt for work

Alternator reconditoned with receipt

Recent TOYO tyres all round

new windscreen wipers

Work equip split rims

If you are reading this then you are probably aware of what an iconic car the AE86 is in japan and on the drift scene all over the world. This is the perfect sideways car and is one of the best rwd cars to go for if you want to learn how to drift. I bought her earlier this year with the intention of it being a project car and to get into the drift scene, however also having another project car already on the go (turbo dc2 type-r) i havent found myself with much time to spend on the AE86 as i would have hoped, so ive decided to put her up for sale.

She went through the MOT earlier this year when i bought her, with the only thing needing doing was new windscreen wipers... and i have been using her on a daily basis since then whilst my dc2 type-r was off the road...

The car is suprisingly solid for a car of this age, considering its now 23 years old, there are obviously signs of rust here and there which i have tried to show in the pictures, but nothing more than you would expect from a car like this, which has been used as a drift car back in japan. The car was originally white but it has been resprayed metallic green/blue at some point presumebly in japan, the engine bay however is still the original white. The paint is showing its age however and it could really do with a respray but it depends wether you just want the car to drift, or for show and shine.. the laquer on the roof has peeled in places (see pics) aswell as a few area's on the drivers door . i have repaired the the passengers rear quarter panel as it had a dent in it when i bought it, was about 6" long and 3" high, its currently painted with black panel paint as i had planned to respray the complete car but obviously never got that far with it.. the underside of the car is as clean as a whistle, i have had it up on a ramp and have had a good look around and it is rust free from what i can see, it has also been undersealed at some stage which would probably explain why its been kept so well reserved underneath.

the engine was not the original and it had been replaced with a low mileage one from another car (around 35k miles). prev owner has never had any problems with the engine or drivetrain and neither have i in the time that i have been driving her.

This is a very fun car to drive and turns alot of heads, its very easy to get it sideways with the help of the cusco 2-way diff. I think this would make the perfect project drift car for someone as it doesnt require anything other than cosmetic bodywork to get it back to top form. Everything electric works on this car and it is ready to be driven away...

looking for £3000 no offers. its worth this all day long.


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Man i am so tempted by this, gonna have a think.

Edit: Theres also no pics of the bad bits.
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guys theres an advert on ebay that has pics of the rust bits etc.. didnt put a link on here incase the thread gets locked.


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didnt the ebay winner pay then dan?

Stick it on DW it will sell straight away on there.
PX for my accord? ;)


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nah mate he said he was selling his car to buy it but the guy who was buying his let him down.. but its silly really as he shouldnt have bidded if he didnt have the money in his pocket... some people are thick though :homer:

im open to px's for an eg6 as the misses wants one and im ganna turn her starbo into a track car. accord would be massive for her LOL


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The AE-86 Toyota Runner Trueno/Corolla Levin) you dislike it since it feel old fashioned. Be that as it may, it will develop on you.

Hachi Roku AE-86 Toyota Runner Trueno/Corolla Levin:
Some folks says: "This trans shifts like a truck!" And, in truth, the AE-86 transmission appears to be substantial from the start and with a more drawn out stroke than the stick move on a more current games vehicle. In any case, it additionally gives you heaps of input to let you feel exactly how completely you are in gear or not, by and large.

AE-86 Old fashioned standard directing:

It's Outdated, the AE-86, Old School in the transmission, in the overwhelming standard directing, in the broadly divided pedals, and even in the vibe of the suspension. Be that as it may, give the jdmsportclassics a possibility and, if there is genuine motoring blood in you, you'll bond with this vehicle.

Levin Trueno AE-86 top float vehicles Japan pedals:
As the driver you are completely engaged with the experience. The Hachi Roku doesn't feel at all like he drives himself. You drive him. You mention to him what you need (and let him know plainly, brain) and he does precisely what you need. You unquestionably must be very positive in you inputs. Speak straightforwardly and clear to the Levin/Trueno AE-86 and there will be no misconception.

Also, it is this crude direct correspondence and control that makes this vehicle one of the untouched top, top float vehicles accessible from Japan.

They are exceptionally not at all like the "Heavies" that we talked about before: enormous volume turbo helped straight sixes that will turn the back wheels before the pedal is most of the way to the floor. The little 1.6 liter 4A-G in the AE-86 doesn't put out an extraordinary whack of intensity and you have to pound it to get those wheels consuming elastic, however the key for an incredible floating encounter is here: the nose-substantial FR stage.

1.6 liter 4A-G in the AE-86 Trueno/Corolla Levin:

In any case, what the light weight of the AE-86 permits you to do when floating is something exceptionally unique: exact arrangement. Travel to the slip skillet at Fuji Speedway on an end of the week when the vagabonds are there and you see some stunning driving. There are folks there who can make these vehicles move.

You'll see Hachi Rokus do slalom floats in line on the straight, flipping left/right, left/directly in immaculate sync the length of the track.

How about we talk mods: Sky's the cutoff. What else to state? All things considered, how about we talk motors at any rate in more detail. Looking stock, we should take a 3 entryway GT-Pinnacle: We have a 940kg vehicle with state about 130hp at 6,600rm. Force comes in at simply over 15kg/m somewhat over 5,000rpm. The 4A-G is a DOHC four-valve straight four. It's an energetic and strong motor, truly well the nearest thing Toyota in these years was making to a level out dashing motor.

This unit can be effectively traded into a Hachi Roku and now you have a significant knock up to 170ps and an astounding 21kg/m of force, and all at the equivalent 1,600cc motor size. This is a well known mod for AE-86 float vehicles, yet don't assume that all the float folks are doing it beyond a shadow of a doubt; not in any way. The greater part of the hot float AE-86s in Japan are running NA with modded admission complex and enlistment box and high quality fumes headers, so NA will set you up fine and dandy in a Japanese Levin or Trueno as a float vehicle.