Trader Application Instructions


Hi all,

We receive a huge amount of trader applications and have decided to put a more defined process in place for dealing with these applications.

If you are interested in applying for a trading position please follow the below instructions very carefully. If the application is not submitted EXACTLY as required it will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step of the process?
Submit your application as per the requirements set out below and if accepted you will be offered a trial trader position which will be reviewed after the agreed trial period.

Who decides if I get a trader position of not?
The staff of TGTT which is made up of a cross section of members from around the globe will collectively review your application.

What should I include in my application letter?
That is up to you. If you submit an application letter with 2 lines it is unlikely we will have enough information to make a positive decision on your application. Your application letter should contain as much relevant information about your business and intention to trade on TGTT as possible.

How much does a trader forum cost?
The cost of a trader position has intentionally been kept low at just 100euro for 12 months. We know that our traders attract many members to our website and so we do not charge large trading fees.

Who should not apply?
People trying to make a quick buck, kids in their bedrooms trying to buy items cheap and flog them on. Generally if you are not prepared to put effort in to a business then you should not apply.

What happens if I am turned down?
If you are turned down we will usually give you a general reason as to why your application was not successful. If you are turned down you are free to re-apply in the future when you can demonstrate that the reasons we did not accept your initial application are sorted out.

How do you pick who gets a trader position or not?
Our job when it comes to trading is to make sure there is enough good traders on the site offering a wide variety of parts to our members. We try to keep a good balance between competition and the ability for our traders to make a profit keeping it fair for all. If your application has something interesting that we deem there is a gap in the market for, you are a respected member, have demonstrated an ability to follow the rules of this forum and generally have impressed us with your application we will typically offer a trial trader position.

How long does it take?
Unfortunately the application process has no defined time limit. We hope by introducing this process we will be able to reduce the typical time it takes to accept or reject an application.

Trading on is not a right it is very much viewed as an earned privilege. No one person makes decisions on this site and our collective decisions are based upon your performance as a member of the site, your application and the currently available positions. Our decisions are not based upon race, religion, personal interest, personal relationships or any other non-professional factors.

Any member who applies for a trader position must accept the decision of staff. If that member abuses, accuses or in any other way is generally nasty in the event of a rejected application they will be removed from the site without warning. The people who volunteer their time to review and give feedback on these applications should not be subjected to or expected to put up with personal insults or aggressive challenges from the applicant. This will under no circumstances be tolerated.

Furthermore opening threads on the forum to dispute decisions on trader applications will not be tolerated. We will remove all such threads and users accordingly. We commit to being polite to you and keeping your application private. We treat all applications as private communication between site staff and members and will not permit any threads related to your trader application being posted on the general forum.

Take heed of the above information, at this point you have the option of NOT applying. So if rejection will cause you offense then please do not apply!

Applicant Checklist
-Download and fill in this spreadsheet CLICK HERE

-Write up an application letter with as much information on your business and your planned trader position on TGTT. The more effort you put in to this the more chance it will give us all of the information we need

-Send your application letter along with the completed spreadsheet attached to with TRADER APPLICATION as the subject of the email

download the spreadsheet, write an application letter, send to the email address with TRADER APPLICATION in the subject.

NB** if your email has anything other than TRADER APPLICATION in the subject it will not be accepted. Failure to complete the application EXACTLY as described above will see your application deleted.

Finally, Thank you for your interest in trading on TGTT and we wish you luck with your business and application.


Just bumping this up for anyone with an outstanding trading application.

If you could repeat the process above we are now in a position to move things along.

Apologies for any inconvenience, totally appreciate all applications.