Trust greddy oil sandwich plate to clear powersteering pump bracket


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I've read a few post about oil sandwich plates not fitting. But some seem to say that the greddy one does fit even though none are stated.

Another post seems to narrow it down to this sandwich plate:
12002801 Standard Type, O ring 56mm/65mm, Center Bolt Pitch 3/4-16UNF,M20 X P1.5 Center Plug Bolt 1/8PT X 2 M12XP1.25X1

Did anyone fit a greddy sandwich plate or any other without grinding the power steering bracket?




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Good excuse to ditch the power steering :D
The glanza is to fat to get about without some assistance :p Also quite fond of the steering feel with it still in place.

I have a greddy oil filter relocation kit and I had to take a small amount from the bracket.
This most likely would mean there won't be any universal ones which are pnp. I did replace an oil filter once but still unsure why a sandwich plate won't fit without grinding.