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The early manual/ auto ecu as had a lower boost cut so it works better with the auto box limits.There are also pin out differences to consider eg pin 15, 10040 ACI later became 10100 boost control.

Having said that I used the later manual ecu 89661-10100 ( and el-prototypes variant on the same manual ecu) on an electronic auto box for about 10 yrs. Auto Box failed once on a very hot day and was renewed this was with a heavier car ieEP82 sera
I was very happy with the extra timing the later manual ecu has in the map and the extra boost but had to live with issues like no idle allowance for the auto box load in drive and there was no timing pulled at gear changes like a normal auto ecu map. Also there was mainly an issue with overdrive thumping when changing at too low a speed. I used a safc2 to smooth some of the manual ecu but even though the ecu really didn't work properly electronic auto box is endless fun with a little more power.
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