Turbo hot side

Hey guys

So my GT has a Garrett turbo fitted with a wepr front mount setup.

I bought a funk Motorsport heatshield for the hotside and it doesn't fit, after looking closely at the hotside of the turbo I noticed it says tial on it ( the car has a tial external wastegate with screamer fitted) but can't work out why the hotside says tial? Am I being dumb? Lol


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Tial do their own turbine housings so that is what you have.

You should be able to get a turbo blanket to fit.


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Thanks mate! Where can you get a blanket from? Funk don't seem to do a tial one?

Probably best to email them or ask other sellers.

I wouldn't have thought it would make much difference. Maybe the size is too small.

Which exact Garrett do you have?