{tutorial} CUSCO CYLINDER STOPPER - EP82 & EP91 *


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Fitting a cylinder stopper to an ep91

right here goes - i cant read jap so ive wrote a tutorial !

first you've got to put all the bits together to make the bracket which you attaching to the body of the car
it should look like this....


now thats assembled find the brake cylinder in you engine bay,
Then look down and locate the engine mount - this is where the big hexaginal threaded bar is goin to fit on to (the black one in the kit)


fitted bar


now find the little mounting bolt thats positioned low on the suspension strut
mine had a rubber bung attached to it which was holding the water pump line
10mm nut - remove this and install the bracket to it then replace the water pipe hanger and re tighten.


now install the long bolt with the retaining nut/washer on the bracket and also install the red cylinder plunger up to the cylinder base and tighten

if all done ok and tight it should look like this



good luck

youll notice that you get a lot more responce from the brakes now

i would recomend this 100%



EP82 Version

I'll just add the EP82 version into this thread too:

The Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Stopper kit offers an increase in braking response and a more involved pedal feel in extreme braking conditions.

The basic principle is easy to demonstrate. Open you bonnet with the engine idling and get someone to step on the brake pedal. You will see the movement in the master cylinder for yourself. This kit reduces the movement and thus is a perfect addition to an upgraded braking system.

Here's the diagrams you get with the item, they can be a little confusing for anyone not fluent in japanese.


This is the area you will be dealing with. Basically you are mounting the bracket onto the drivers side front shock turret and the drivers side engine mount. This will allow you to apply pressure to the brake master cylinder to stop it moving.


The first mounting point used is the 10mm bolt securing the small spring bracket (that holds the acelerator cable):


The second mounting point is made by screwing the long spacer supplied with the kit onto the back of the engine mount. There are threads already there to do this. You then screw the bolt supplied into the end of this and mount the bracket like so:




Once the bracket is secred tighly in position you can not add the red stopper and adjust it against the master cylinder:



Now you can adjust the tension to suit your own requirements of pedal feel: