Tutorials Wanted


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i`ll pop up some custom fiberglass parts iv made in the past, just need a few mins to copy them over :) bear with me lol


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Tutorial on repairing Glanza's electrically folding mirrors:


Also I'd appreciate if you could host photos locally. Will take load off my server and make the post available to everybody even if my server is down.

I have some more write ups on my site. I will try to transfer them to your forum when I get the free time.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


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How about a video about a caliper rebuild???? Other things like BOV replacement, manifold replacement, etc... even the standard oil change would be very useful, a lot of people waste their money on that!

I personally interesting in how to get rid of the standard air filter and how to fit an aftermarket one, but keep an AC on! And the position of the filter has to be somewhere in front not far from the turbo - that would be the most efficient way!


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well i have about 20-25 pdf tutorials from this site and others starlet specific i can put up for download if thats any use?


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How about a video of a MUST basic mods like

1) Air Filter Relocation Kit installation
2) BOV installation!

I know that is a simple job for a pro mechanics, but a lot of people would find this information useful! The video on the You tube would be the best explanation ever!