UltraPortable HP Probook 5310m laptop, 1.7Kg + brand new battery


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For sale: UltraPortable HP Probook 5310m laptop

Item Condition: MINT

Price and price conditions: £250 + £15 postage

Extra Info: Light weight and very quick, comes with the charger and a brand new battery (around 3 hours depending on the usage)

Pictures: See the link below

Contact Details: Please PM

Location: Milton Keynes

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £15 postage - next day delivery!

The laptop is in mint condition. it has Displayport so can be plugged in to the TV, it also can play FULL HD with no problem at all. If your TV has no displayport then you can use a Displayport to HDMI adapter! Very quick one and ultraportable, if you need a laptop for everyday to carry with you at all times - then you won't be disappointed with this laptop.

It's a Core2 Duo. but the top spec P9300 CPU, 320 Gb HDD, 2Gb RAM, Webcam for Skype, comes with Windows 7 already installed and ready to go.
The CPU is faster than some i3 and even older i7 - please see the link

Laptop review can be found here

and here


The actual pics are here

I'm not very good with camera -) It has no spots, etc. It's just too much light on the pictures, it's actually PITCH BLACK. Better pics in the review -)

The laptop is similar to an Apple macbook, but a lot cheaper!
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BUMP - rare laptop that is - try to find one on the ebay -)))

The wi-fi is really good on this one as well! You won't be disappointed!