User DizzyDragon phone number?


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Please help!
We made alloys exchange (he send me his and i send him mine + pay something extra).
I have send him the wheels (via GLS, with tracking number etc.), he said that he have send the wheels via parcelmonkey. Now it has been 3 weeks and i still havent received anything. He received mine. He says that delivery status is as 'delivered' but i didn't received anything. Now i haven't heard from him for almost a week.

Does anyone have his mobile phone number?

His profile:

Many thanks,


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Thanks. User replied.
Now, i have another question. Did anyone send parcels via parcelmonkey? Do they have any kind of tracking number or seomething like that?

Thanks again.


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This user basically stole my wheels. In the end, i received nothing, but he received mine.
He has full inbox again, so its not possible to contact him.


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Yeah, i am really disapointed. First, i was thinking, yeah, sure, it happens that courier company is sometimes messy. But after a month, i find out that this bastard is a thief. I mean, if he would be honest, he would do anything to solve problem. Instead, he didn't reply on pm's, emails etc.


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gutted for you,when you payed the something extra did you pay using paypal if yes you can still get that back + you will know there real email address & there real name + you can search that on social media & know there address


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there was agreement that i pay him some extra cash when we both receive the wheels. So, i haven't paid him anything because i never received the wheels.
Sure, i have his address but i am not from UK, so i would spend at least few hundred pounds just to visit him. Believe me that i would already visit him if i would live closer. Because i am from Slovenia this would just be too expensive.
This is his delivery address (i have tracking number, which shows that wheels were delivered and he also confirmed, that wheels were delivered):
Aydan Jones
17 Parc sychnant
North Wales
LL32 8SB

If anyone lives really near him, it would be really awesome, if he could drive by and check, if he still has my enkei wheels.