Vacuum piping assembly 4efte ep91 (auto)


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I'd need to take a look at a loom later but is that not the connector for the brake fluid warning lamp?

Edit: which might be on the wrong side of the bay for your car.
I guess it is The Corolla brake pump is on the left side, close to the steering pump. I’ll have to extend the wire to the pump. Thanks!


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Are you the world famous DJ Frankie Flowers tho lol just had to ask
Should really clean all these bits and document it properly with clearer pics tbh. Could help to have it all on file for future.

Just realised that I've only shown how these pipes are meant to sit. Will show how to pipe yours Frankie to get around the missing powersteering ports when I get home later.
Thanks again. I was watching the pucs you posted and was curious to know how come your steering pump has the double air pipe input as my 4efe Corolla has. The 4efte that came from a ep91 doesn’t have it. I’ll wait for you extra pics tocwork around the vacuum pipes that I temporary closed with screws. I’m talking aboit the fte rear vacuum pipes that are supposed to go to the steering pump for RPM control.

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You will need to follow those two pipes back to see where they lead to.

There are two air pipes that connect to the throttle valve body on the GOLD connections. One goes to the steering rack and one goes to the vacuum block under the inlet manifold.

The other two are coolant lines that heat the throttle valve in cold conditions. One heads to the thermostat housing and the other is connected to the hard pipe for the coolant pump which is under the inlet manifold.

If you hook these up wrong all hell can break loose so triple check them manually. Don't trust someone online to guide you, I daren't guess what they are from here. Find out what those two pipes are and connect as appropriate. :)
Hi Jay CAn you confirm this diagram with me please I know it has been a long time you post this but definitely need help from anyone

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Hay jay I just want to ask ware is this vacuum line gowing to the other one is gowing to the brake booster the other one is just block by the old owner its my first time with this engine 4efte