Wanted : Starlet Track Photos


Please use this thread to share your favourite pictures of your car on track.

Looking forward to some great pics! :cool:


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Chasing down my best mate in his RB20DET R32 Skyline GTS-T (he just passed me actually :p)

Grass Motorkhana

Tarmac Motorkhana

And finally another series at QR with the new wheels on :) - note that u can see the inside rear wheel picking up off the ground in some pics


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Got a cool photo of a local guy that uses an EP81 as a rally car:

And some photo's of my car, last track day.



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Aaaand this is what it looks like with a 100% stock suspension /w 15" OZ F1 wheels and 195-50/15" Eagle F1 tyres :


Scoob paul

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Not a starlet but the corolla always preform's lol, can only find one photo as i've forgot my pasword to my photobucket account


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No mate she's a 1.3 sportif lol, theres a 1.5 in her now, corolla is soo easy to step out catching her again is always fun, octopus hands