Wastegate spring pressure

Hi all.
In the process of going over to external wastegate setup on my td04.blitz ECU intercooler fpr etc.and currently running 1bar on internal wastegate.what spring pressure do I require to run the same boost on the external setup.

Thank you very much for your reply been a great help.
just need a spring and wastegate now any recommendations on best place to buy.

Thanks again


Ebay mate, I got a demon motorsport one for 60£ from memory it was a .7 bar spring but I'm going to run 1 bar using the boost controller, think the general rule is(dont quote me lool)you can run twice the spring pressure with a boost controller
I use a genuine 38mm tial mvs. Cant really fault it

i run the exact same genuine unit...i think this is a product that you don't want no fake item, too much at risk if it does wrong
you can get the genuine unit from ebay as well...the fake ones are usually way cheaper


look to id-workz or TB-developements for genuine tial waste gates mate. as someone just mentioned...best to go with genuine waste gate because waste gate failure could lead to engine damage.