WEPR Product/Price list --31/10/08

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NEW Price/Product List --31/10/08

Turbocharger kits & Related--

WEPR SR-Series manifold m/s--$390usd shipped
WEPR SR-Series manifold m/s with ext.gate option--$415usd shipped
WEPR SR-Series manifold 321 s/s--$550usd shipped
WEPR SR-Series manifold 321 s/s with ext.gate option--$575usd shipped

Original short-runner series manifold for the beloved TD04L turbo. great performance,affordability and durability. stock radiator and A/C friendly.

WEPR "Evolution" 321 Equal length s/s manifold-- $600USD shipped
WEPR "Evolution" 321 Equal length s/s manifold w/external gate option--$625USD shipped
WEPR "Evolution" Equal length m/s manifold--$450USD shipped
WEPR "Evolution" Equal length m/s manifold w/external gate option--$475usd shipped

(to suit standard Garret T3-T4 / Mhi TD05h/ Mhi TD04L & wepr upgraded TD04L / IHI VF-series/ Garret T25/ All GT25R/ ALL GT28R incl. GT2876R)

*Equal length Design(for TD04L)
*Manifolds are available in 321 grade stainless steel or mild steel
*3.4mm m/s , 3.0mm s/s thick walls on the runners ensure maximum strengh and durability
*Extreme flow and smooth collector design ensure maximum hp/torque
*12mm thick flanges all around
*stock radiator/AC friendly (for TD04L)

All Externally gated manifolds are flanged for a Tial 38mm external wastegate unless specified otherwise by customer. If you do not see an application for your set up then WEPR can custom fabricate a set up to suit you needs/turbo.


WEPR Ballbearing "Godzilla" turbo upgrade kit--$3300USD shipped.

WEPR's top kit made specifically for the all-out enthusiast. the kit features a completely custom ballbearing turbo capable of 2.5bar boost safely, made ground up for quick spool and big power (350+whp on a 4E set up or 385whp+ on a fully built 5E). the kit also is A/C and STOCK radiator(single core) friendly thanks to wepr's new compact equal length tuned manifold. the basic kit will include turbocharger/3-2-1 stainless equal length manifold/SUS304 stainless downpipe/Tial 38mm external wastegate/wastegate screamer pipe/all oil feed-return,water feed nipples.

Full "Gozilla kit" inclusive of front mount intercooler/all piping--$4200usd shipped

WEPR Hybrid TD04L turbo kit--$2450USD shipped.
WEPR Hybrid TD04L turbo kit with External W/gate option--$2800USD shipped

Key Features

*Provided with an upgraded TD04L turbo to support 300hp
*Kit is STOCK RADIATOR & A/c friendly
*Comes default with a 321 grade stainless manifold(3mm thick runner walls)
*Spool up/turbo response similar to a stock TD04L

Included in the Kit--

*NEW--td04L hybrid turbo with compressor wheel ugrade and ported out compressor housing (everything brand new, zero miles)
*NEW-- 321 stainless Equal length Evlution manifold (3mm thick walls, braced)
*3-point braced downpipe to suit any cat-back or WEPR exhaust
*front mount intercooler with all intercooler pipes
*cold air intake pipe for turbo
*all oil feed/return lines
*water feed nipples
*all gaskets, nuts+bolts,connecting hoses and clips etc

Finally, the long awaited hybrid TD04L kit which is stock radiator compliant and capable of 300hp on a 4E set up. Externaly gated kit is supplied with Tial 38mm (0.7bar spring). Most components are available for individual purchase.

Individual TD04L kit component's price

Td04 Evolution manifold m/s--$450usd shipped
Td04 Evolution manifold m/s with ext.gate option--$475usd shipped
td04 Evolution manifold 321 s/s--$600usd shipped
td04 Evolution manifold 321 s/s with ext.gate option--$625usd shipped
td04 downpipe to suit--$275usd shipped
td04 fmic kit to suit--$690usd shipped
td04 fmic piping kit only--$290usd shipped
td04 turbo to fmic pipe only--$150usd shipped
cold air intake pipe--$105usd shipped
oil feed/oil return/banjo bolt/washers/water feed nipples--$150usd shipped
Hybrid td04 turbo--$1200usd shipped

**either kit can be had with a mild steel manifold. please reduce $100usd from retail price if going with this option!
**for other custom/special individual parts quotes, please u2u.


CT9 Power-Up Kit--$600USD shipped

Kit includes
*Mild steel uprated CT9 Manifold with provision for external wastegate
*2.5" Stainless steel downpipe for tripple point bracing
*New oil feed line to suit

This kit was designed to cure the stock CT9's infamous boost creep/spike problems by incorperating an external wastegate and at the same time provide a horsepower increase with our smooth flowing manifold and free flowing downpipe. Kit is flanged for a Tial 38mm external wastegate. Downpipe will fit stock exhaust or any aftermarket cat back system. The downpipe can also be configured to fit our own WEPR exhaust systems. Front mount intercooler set up's to suit our power-up kit can be supplied on request. please specify at the time of ordering. this kit does shift the turbo's location from original position. if you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to u2u.

Individual component price

CT9 Manifold m/s--$300usd shipped
CT9 manifold m/s w.external wastegate outlet--$325usd shipped
Downpipe (with wastegate dump vented back in)--$240usd shipped
Oil feed line--$65usd shipped


WEPR CT9 Front Mount Intercooler Option-- ($695USD shipped)

Made to suit factory CT9 turbo set-up. includes ALL piping/hoses and clips and comes in polished stainless. intercooler piping can be flanged for universal or Blitz blow off valve aplications. kit is A/C and ABS compatible.


WEPR Race Spec Front Mount Intercooler kit--$950USD shipped.

This upgrade is for those who are already using or planning to use large turbo upgrades such as a T3, T3/T4, GT series turbo etc. This is the same FMIC provided with our own GT28R turbo upgrade kit. Comes with universal piping kit which can be VERY easilly adapted to any turbo set up on the EP82. Can ALSO be made to suit factory CT9 set-up. This kit will comfortable cool upto 550whp. Units subject to availability.


CT9 Factory Turbo kits --$700USD shipped (Used kits)

Intended for those who want to turbo charge their non turbo 4EFE's and 5E's. Kit comes complete with used CT9 turbo/cast manifold/cat converter housing/ factory intercooler/intercooler pipe and rubber hoses/oil feed-return line/oil filter adapter set/ 4EFTE 295cc injectors/4EFTE fuel rail with regulator and other little tid bits needed for installation. Since the kits are used they are sold As-Is. Subject to availability.


WEPR Fuel pump kit--$300USD shipped.

features a large high volume IN-line Bosch KJ Tronic fuel pump capable of supporting 450 bhp's. the kit comes with mounting hardware. Subject to availability


WEPR Fuel surge tank-- $160USD shipped.

intended for use with the WEPR high volume fuel pump or any other in-line pump upgrade. designed to keep the fuel swirling inside the tank to minimize bubble and vapour build up. an absolute must if you are considering a larger inline pump.


WEPR Dual Row Radiator to Suit our Turbo kit/Manifold Applications--$220USD shipped

These units were made for those who want to use either one of our turbo upgrade kits or manifolds. Since none of our manifold clear the factory radiator (except CT9 manifold)...the smaller WEPR dual row unit along with a high preassure fan can be used for effective cooling. suitable for Drag and street application. not suited for cuircuit racing.


Exhaust Kits


WEPR SUS304 stainless steel " Annihalator " Turbo Exhaust --$575USD shipped

Available for EP82 starlet GT. The kit is a complete 2.5" inch turbo-back stainless steel system. Kits come with a polished stainless piping/straight through muffler with 4 inch round tip. The systems directly bolts on to existing exhaust hangers and are designed for faster spool up and MUCH improved Mid range/Top end. good for 10-13bhp's extra. Some application may need a HKS Fuel Cut Defencer. The exhaust kit comes pre-bunged for the factory O2 sensor. All exhaust systems feature a flexible section and a braced downpipe for added durabilty.


WEPR SUS304 stainless steel "Sidewinder" Turbo-Back Exhaust --$625USD shipped

Avilable for EP82 starlet GT. The kit is a complete 2.5" inch turbo back stainless steel system. This system provides the same power as the "Annihalator",however it features a circular rear muffler swep upwards and to the side. Some applications may require a HKS Fuel Cut Defencer. The Exhaust kit comes pre-bunged for the factory O2 senson. All exhaust systems feature a flexible section and a braced downpipe for added durabilty.


WEPR 2.5" SUS304 stainless steel exhaust system without rear muffler-- $450USD shipped.

for those who already have their favourite muffler and need the piping. comes fully polished pre-bunged for O2 sensor. End pipe has to be customized to fit the muffler of your choice.


WEPR SUS304 stainless De-Cat pipe -- $215USD shipped.(product not available at the moment)

Available only for the EP82 Starlet GT and the EP91 Glanza V. The stock 02 housing poses a severe restriction in exhaust gas flow. Our O2 eliminator housing are designed to GREATLY improve exhaust gas flow once it exits the turbo. This mod eliminates the highly restrictive cat-converter. Eliminator housing is made from 2"5 inch Stainless steel and tig welded to perfection. Stock O2 sensor can be utilized with this exhaust add-on. Faster spool-up times, increased hp's and an increase in stock boost by 1.5 psi can be expected by adding the WEPR eliminator! made to directly replace stock cat housing.


WEPR SUS304 Stainless steel Separated De-Cat pipe--$240USD shipped

Allows the inital separation of exhaust gas and wastegate dump thus yeilding slightly better slightly better performance when compared to our regular De-cat pipe. also features a brace for more rigidity. made to directly replace stock cat housing.


WEPR SUS304 stainless steel universal Mufflers--$275USD shipped

made of full SUS304 stainless steel construction including the centre perforated section. various inlet diameters are available to suit your needs including 2.0/2.5/3.0" inch. these dunk style universal mufflers come with either a 4 inch round or angle-cut tip along with a highly polished finish.


WEPR universal 2.5" stainless steel flexible joint-- $65USD shipped

Ideal for those who want to add a flexible to their existing exhaust system or for those custom projects.


MISC. Upgrades and Parts

WEPR Oil Catch Cans--$145USD shipped.

Compact design to aid easy installation even in the tightest of spaces. 3" inch in diamter and 4.5" inches in height. Has outlet to use breather filter.


WEPR Battery Relocation Kit--$250USD shipped.

For those who need all the room under the hood they can can. Our relocation kit chucks the battery in the trunk and gives you the added benefit of imrpoved weight distribution. Includes Cables and Connectors for installation.


Note: Most Items are priced INCLUSIVE of freight to most places worldwide. Shipping rates may differ according to some locations. We also have a whole heap of used factory parts for sale..you can email us with your specific needed and we will get back to you with availability and pricing asap!!!


We also offer Jap Spec 5E/4E/4EFTE /4AGE motors and Transmitions with ultra LOW milage (under 20,000 miles) and other stock replacement parts. if you need any further info on any of these products or the performance products mentioned above, please mail me..cheers!

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project x

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wepr manifolds

hey just wondering are the wepr kits still being made and were do i get them as ive tried going to the toysport site and its been down for ages??


hey mate..
which kit are you after mate? everything you see above in our product/price list is being made. let me know. thanks!

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project x

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sorry how much is the kit full kit without the turbo ?? as i have one already

and do wepr make custom inlet manifolds??

do you have a email so i can contact direct to sort out getn parts


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sorry how much is the kit full kit without the turbo ?? as i have one already

and do wepr make custom inlet manifolds??

do you have a email so i can contact direct to sort out getn parts

send him a u2u ..he will be on tonite and will respond to you



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from malaysia


i wanna buy ur mild steel mani to fit wrx td04l,

i'm from malaysia...not good with the web....

how do i purchase this mani from u?




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Just wondering how much it would cost me to get one of your TD04 manifolds and also a dump pipe including shipping to Australia?



hey mate,
its $390usd shipped for mild steel and $490usd shipped for stainless manifold. by dump pipe i assume you mean downpipe. matching downpipe is $240usd shipped.

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