What is the going rate?


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Guessing there the ones Josh Rose has for sale? Prices are stupid crazy we would be better off going halfs on a breaker with a buggered engine the way prices are heading x
They are the ones. He didn't seem keen on taking any less for them and was a bit funny about removing them initially as they are still on the caŕ.
They need removing to sell them, so wasnt really sure what the issue was!?

Not a huge amount of breakers about now either :( should have stocked up ok spares years ago!


I wonder will we start to see more reproduction OE stuff now that the American's are in the market?
Wouldn't mind a new mk3 shell loooool
I remember the Ford place here years ago(still trading)had allsorts of shells sat on pallets brand new


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I sold 2 excellent doors for 50£ and I've a mint bonnet here I keep turning down stupid low offers for lol, it's not leaving me full stop its needed some point,
Starlet tax has gone mad, I reckon I could get 500 easy for the glowpanel and lights I've been asked that many times
Really fucks me off people asking what price for the car, last I looked there was NO for sale sign
Rant over lol :)
My brother gets that apparently with his Starlet. People always knocking on the door asking how much for it o_O