Whose done a 5E Conversion?


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from the 5E:
- block
- crankshaft
- flywheel
- clutch
- starter motor
- connecting rods - 5efhe (unless you're getting forged items)
- head w/ camshafts - 5efhe (otherwise, doesn't matter)

from the 4e (ideally)
- pistons


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well once u have 5e engine u set. it better to get 5EFHE engine drop in 4EFTE pistons and rebore flywheel bolt. do 2 or 3 lil other thing and u good to go.


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dont forget the 4efte sump wich has the turbo oil return pipe. the 4efte oil pickup,...4efte oilfilter relocation kit.

basically only the block related parts has to be 5e excluding the pistons....the rest has to be 4efte stuff.


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dont forget the 4efte sump wich has the turbo oil return pipe. the 4efte oil pickup,...4efte oilfilter relocation kit.

basically only the block related parts has to be 5e excluding the pistons....the rest has to be 4efte stuff.

you can also use the 5efe/5efhe head, valves, cams
Now this is probably the last time I will do this…..as it has been covered to death before……..also see http://hardcore.ep91.com/index_main.html
He has a very good write up on it
Also see http://www.bajanchameleon.com/5efhe_project.html (make sure u go to the bottom of each page and click the link to the following page)

For an OEM 5efte CT9 build……here’s the spoon feeding list for all………

- 4efte rocket cover
- 4efte or 5efhe/fe head…with either 4efte or 5efhe cams (MARGINALLY better)…..make sure u keep the shims with whatever cams u use…or reshimming may be necessary
- 4efte head gasket…5efhe or trd head gaskets are also used (but trd raise compression somewhat)
- 4efte intake manifold…5efhe ACIS can be use, but usually requires something to operate it properly
- 5e block
- 4efte pistons or some people shave the 5e pistons (TRIED and PROVEN by MANY),,,in fact some people shave the 4efte pistons……but then a lot of u guys are afraid to do this,,,,,,,,so stick to the oem 4efte ones then
- 4efte piston rings, if u use 4efte pistons………..5e pistons rings if u use 5e psitons………there is a difference in part numbers,,,,,,,,,but people have been know to use any set with any pistons and they work fine
- 5e rods…5efhe preferred for bigger boost,,,,,,,,5efe rods can be used if u don’t plan to over do it
- 4e/5e cam gear/wheel...set timing using 5e mark.........and set base timing at 10 degrees.........or as desired, as some may want to retard base timing depending on set up and gas quality
- 4efte injectors at MINIMUM
- 4e/5e oem fuel pressure regualtor or aftermarket unit...run anywhere from 2.3 to 3 bar on initial set up,,,BUT depends again on your set up......tune to suit
- 4e/5e fuel rail
- 5e idler and tensioner pulleys
- 4e/5e crank gear
- 5e tming belt
- 4efte ecu, harness and map sensor at minimum.....the greddy ultimate on the 5e ecu or 4efte ecu is also great for fine tuning...
- 5e crank…..some prefer 5efhe crank (stamped “5e”) on it……while others use the “3e” marked crank which comes in some 5e blocks
- 5e thrust washers
- 5e flywheel (200mm)……or redrilled 4efte flywheel (212mm), again, has been done several times, just make sure you have a competent machinist………OR try to get the 5e bolt pattern flywheel that holds the 212mm clutch set up (usually found on some 3E engines)
- 5e clutch and 5e pressure plate OR 4efte clutch and 4efte pressure plate….NOT to be mixed and matched
- 5e/4e oil pump……….make sure u get the one that matches what is there………as far as I’m aware they are two types
- 4e or 5e oil relief valve
- 4efte oil pick up and 4efte sump…OR 5e oil pick up and 5e sump….to be used together and not in combinations………i.e. choose one and use both units together…..note,,,u wouldhave to drill and tap the 5e sump for the oil return
- 5e connecting bearings…make sure u get the correct sizes---check the back of the used one
- 5e main bearings ---- make sure u get the correct sizes---check the block and crank and do some adding of the numbers or check the back of the used one
- 4efte exhaust manifold…BEWARE a custom unit is preferred as the oem unit is VERY restrictive on the 5e
- 1 ct9 turbo and downpipe with all gaskets ---IF u are going to use the ct9 turbo for a short while……also, your muffler may need a slight extension as the 5e block is about 15mm taller…..else use whatever set up (turbo) u plan to run along with supporting exhaust manifold and downpipe
- 4e/5e water pump and hoses
- 4efte thermostat, housing and sensors
- 4e/5e gearbox/transmission
- 4efte distributor or 5efhe distributor…..same basic unit
- 4efte plug wires
- 5e timing covers
- 5e oil/dip stick and housing
- 4efte TMIC----NOT the best idea,,,but would work for ct9 set up…..if u already have a FMIC set up,,,use it back
- 1 gallon oil
- 1 pouch of sealant
- 1 oil filter…4e/5e…same thing
- 1 gallon coolant
- 4 spark plugs
- 1 cam shaft seal
- 1 crank shaft seal (front)
- 1 crank shaft seal (rear)
- 2 turbo water lines if required---depends on turbo unit use
- 1 oil line
- 1 oil return line
- all rubber gaskets
- all other asscessories from 4efte….a/c, p/s, alternator, etc

install,,,,run in……..and maybe get tuned if you are smart

areas to be cautious of:
- power steering pump....u may need to custom make a bracket or just use the adjuster piece to hold it in place
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is it possible that we can get that info stickied???........or does anyone know how to do it or get it done or who can authorise it??