Will jam ecu fuel a td04?

kieran.s gt

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ive seen pistons blown from lads thinking that jam ,blitz ecu runs tdo4s at a bar ,,wouldnt bother with them .ive rebuilt 3 eingines from these ecus from lads running 1 bar on tdo4s :)
Thats because alot of people who fit them just plug it in and away they go without checking any fueling/timing.
I'm using a jam at 1.1 bar on a td04 and its fine i have a wideband to monitor the fueling but its well able to run over a bar safely.


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ok so what is the final answer? is it safe to run plug and play ecus on Tdo4s with stock internals? no risk? is it giving more bhps same as ct9 for tdo4?