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May 13, 2012
Aug 22, 2007
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May 13, 2012
    1. Ruchenne
      Hello mate, where you buy that clear cam cover??
    2. dj-jon-boi
      alrite m8, i have been trying to buy a mini off you and whenever i click on the link to pay for it it comes up with a page saying something about your email not being correct....
      could you please get back to me either on here or on uksc as i am desperately in need of a manifold.

      cheers pal

      jon boi
    3. krissyd
      hello mate. do you have any manifolds in stock s/s or mild steel for under £200. just taken autobahn one off, i'm sure you've heard all about them.
    4. yazi
      hi mate u no nyfin bout engine cuz my bottom end on my 4efte has gone any tips thx
    5. Dane_Bristol
      PM was sent matey :)
    6. Starlet
      hi dane, i have a little problem i am sitting in my garage fixing my starlet as we speak, and i cant get the drive shaft off, i have to get the shaft off where u put the breakes u know. so my question is: how to disconnect the drive shaft.

      please answear me quick.....

      best regards Thomas.
    7. nutta
      hi dane, congrats on the feature in banzai, well chuffed for ya...

      whats the cheapest and quickest can you do me a HDI FMIC mate??
    8. Dane_Bristol
      PM Sent Hubby :)
    9. hubbygt
      hey dane,dont mean to hassle you but do you have any idea when you will be sending out my manifold bud? Thanks iain
    10. Brendanlez
      Hi i was wondering if you still have the de-cats??? How much r they now??? Can you email me at brendanleslie85@hotmail.com
    11. Dane_Bristol
      Shane - I have sent you a PM mate with my number.
    12. shane01
      hey bro, remember me i own the glanza with green rims, mate i ran into a problem noone can solve, i got a strange noise like a air leak or something, toyota blamed the intake.. ever had that problem with urs
    13. Dane_Bristol
      Chris - I dont have any engines matey best palce at the moment would be to look on Ebay or even in the for sale forum here on this site.

      Calum I have sent you a Private message mate :)
    14. Calum
      ok now i know how it works. i am needing a manafold hav been hearing stainless ones crack and i hav been looking everywhere came across this site totally useless with computers got my sis to help me register
    15. Calum
      have not a clue wat im doing stupid computer
    16. GT_Chris
      Alright mate.........do you have any engine atall forsale? ive been told buy few ppl that get down Outfit in bristol to ask you

      Cause ive gone and blown my engine in my Glanza :(

    17. Dane_Bristol
      J25 - Email sent matey.

      Chrissyboy - We spoke on PM mate :)
    18. chrissyboy
      hi matey,.....do you have any manifolds in at the mo??....or will have at the end of the month?....just want that to go with my downpipe ive got on order with :-)

      p.s thanks for your tip on how to replace my clutch?....how long should that take anyway?

    19. J25GTi
      Hi dane, using my blackberry for this and it won't let me pm you! Could you shoot me an emaul when you get chance so I can reply that way, just need details on how to pay etc! My address is whiteyjamie1989@aol.com, cheers bud!
    20. Dane_Bristol
      Hey Matey, air con does not have too be removed and it will take 3-5 working days buddy. Look forward to your PM boss.
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