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Oct 10, 1977
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County of Down, Northern Ireland
Loveable drunk

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Admin, from County of Down, Northern Ireland

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Nov 18, 2017 at 5:35 PM
    1. andreww22
      hello everybody....
      welcome to this forum site
    2. StarletNutter
      well Jay,I can't post in the Leinster meet gauginginterest thread for some reason
    3. steviet
      Alright Jay,just a pm regards ecu for mk2,can't remember weather i have to pay you for it or if it was included in sale of rolling shell ? Also after a quad lamp grill in black if you have ?

      Cheers Stevie
    4. craigukturboconversion
      al ryt mate... ive put an adjustable actuator on my car and its boosting standard, some one told me that i should switch the fcd to 0 but it wont run, ive turned it up to 6 and the car is seriously hessitating until 4500 rpm, should i turn it up more... am scared to tamper with it too much incase i do damage, ive got it road legal so as soon as i get a few quid il get hybrid on and be up to see u, any ideas in whats wrong with it? as soon as it hits 4500 it goes as it should... strange :/ cheers mate
    5. x-MissEp82-x
      Sending from housemates pp but address is same x
    6. x-MissEp82-x
      Ok kool, what do u want in total babe I'll send now with addy x
    7. x-MissEp82-x
      Won't let me pm - Hiya yea if its a good one faster than my old crap then defo have it today. Paypal ok?
    8. Ron60
      Pm me your number mate I lost it
    9. YaziM3
      hi jay i would like a ep82 front driver side wing in black if you have can u mail me details on yazikhan@live.co.uk
    10. rosso321
      Well jay looking for few things sent U a pm but wouldn't send?? Looking for black passenger quadlight indicator wing Md bonnet price and condition if you have them please
    11. Matt McQ
      Matt McQ
      hey jay

      was wondering if you still have those 14" rays alloys
      cash waiting and can collect today

      many thanks
      Matt McQ
    12. jossiDK
      Hej Jay .
      Is it possibel to get are Ep71 Cluster with Rpm importet from Japan ?
      And are Used Coilcover and LSD ..

      Regards from Jonas .
    13. Ep91tur
      contact me about the loom ive the cash here, +353852808181 privite meseges not sendin or sumtin lad
    14. dai_starletN/A
      hey I'm after a driver side drive shaft for a MK1 GT would you have one? cheers
    15. Evo
      Hey I'm in need of a bottom rad hose, ht leads and the small circular cap that goes in the hole next to the cam pulley at the end of the inlet cam sandwiched between the head and cam bridge.

      All for a 1993 ep82

      Can you help?

    16. kemnaychris
      Your inbox full lad it's passenger side I need :-D just reminding incase
    17. coreygodofall
      HI! my name is corey, i own a 94 starlet gt, non quadlight model....anyhoo,i bought an lsd gearbox and when i went to fit it i reaslised my leftsided (passenger side) driveshaft would not fit because apparently my lsd is external and not built in like the newer models, doh!, so i went and found one that fitted, happy days!! but now i realised my driverside driveshaft also will not fit, so i bought a different one but that still wont fit, i own 2 driverside, driveshafts, one is roughly 20inches with both joints connected, and the second is 30inches with both joints connected...one is too small and the other is too long!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP! my car is fading away :(
    18. twaiter
      Hi jay could you confirm if you have the Seat bolt? its the passenger side one that is down the bottom and bolts the seat to like a holder. it basically keeps the seat held back as when you leab back it swings out.
    19. joshhayat
      yeah that would be great how much including post and paypal fees

    20. delidong03
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    County of Down, Northern Ireland
    Loveable drunk
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