A Guide On How To Remove Air Con Evaporator (Pictures Included)

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    Hope This Helps Guys, Not Got Names Of Every Item but Pictures Show What I Mean,

    You Will Need: A Flat blade Screw Driver, Star Head Screwdriver, 10mm Deep Socket, Ratchet With Extension And Of Course A Tin Of Monster :beer:

    I Did This And It Took Me No Longer Than Half An Hour, I Went Back To Do It Again To Get Pictures For You Guys And IT Only Took Me About 20 Minutes.

    Step 1

    Remove Glove Box, 4 Bolts Drops The Box Out, 2 On The Inside When You Open It, And 2 Just Under The Box Shown In Pictures, Once Bolts Are Out A Bit Of Gentle Persuation And The Box Will Come Out, Remember To Dis-Connect Speaker!

    Step 2

    Remove Ecu, Unplug 3 Wiring Connectors, and Remove 1 Bolt and 1 Nut Shown In Picture

    Step 3

    Remove Sensor That Is Mounted Into the Front of the Evaporator Box, 2 Screws Shown In the Picture

    Step 4

    Remove Black Box Mounted Just Under The Evaporator Box, Simply Slides Off The Bracket It Is Fixed To. Wiring For Box Runs Across The Top Of The Evaporator Box; Unclip It From Box And Pull To Side.

    Step 5

    Remove 2 Nuts On Underside Of The Evaporator That Mount It To The Body Of The Car, Remove The 2 Screws That Fix The Evaporator To The Heater Blower Motor And Matrix, Shown In Picture.

    Step 6

    Split Evaporator Box by Removing Clip in the Centre Shown In Picture. Slide the Evaporator Box As Far Forward As You Can Get It. (Towards the Rear of the Car)

    Step 7

    With A Bit Of Persuasion You Can Drop The Box Slightly Down And You Can Get The Evaporator Out. Shown In Picture. This Can Be Quite Awkward but Can Be done. Once It Is Out There Is 1 Last Wiring Plug To Be Dis-Connected.

    Step 8

    Replace Evaporator Box Back into the Space, Better to Put the Top Half of Box in First and Then Locate The bottom Half In. The Wiring Plug Removed From The Evaporator Its Self Sits Neatly Out The Way.

    Step 9

    Replace ECU and Wiring Plugs.

    Step 10

    Replace Glove Box Remembering To Connect Speaker Back Up!

    Evaporator Removed:

    Hope This Helps Guys, It Doesn't Save All That Much Weight But If Your Going Extreme With Weight Saving Every Little Helps! :haha:
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