Alternator ticking?

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Misterdan88, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Misterdan88

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    Right ive had a really loud ticking noise that started on monday (ontop of the usual ticking noise :p). When you rev it abit and the ticking gets faster so ive had a good look around and i think finally tracked it down to the alternator.

    My question is could the pully thing start to come loose or somthing to cause this noise? or could it be the whole thing starting to pack up, even though there is no other problems other then the loud ticking noise?

    Im trying to upload a video to youtube but my phone is being a homo atm so hopefully some1s had roughly the same problem and they can point in the right direction of hopefully fixing it as i dont fancy buying a new alternator.

    cheers :homer:
  2. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    you 100% sure it is the alternator? have you disconnected the belt and run it just to make sure?
  3. Misterdan88

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    Not disconnected the belt but ive had a good look around and get my head as close as possible to it so im 90% sure its the alternator, i cant see where else it would be coming from?

    Hopefully i can get a half day off work tomorrow so i can get the belt off..
  4. GlanzaV.Tee

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    get belt off and then check it its still ticking if you had engine work on on the head could be the intake cam thats not been locked when took off as a lot of people forget about locking it before taking them out
  5. SupaStu

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    Mine did this (got faster when I rev'd it) and I had a massive crack through the whole stock manifold. Noise only went away when engine and mani were running for a while. Now gone completely due to replacement mani.

    Just take off your heatshield if you have a stock mani and check for cracks...
  6. Misterdan88

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    Gad no head work or anything, just didnt drive it for 3days then the noise started! :mad:

    Also on the way to work today it didnt make the noise at all untill i pulled up and was on idle for abit and on my way home from work it didnt make the noise so it dont seem to be making the noise constantly!

    Will have the vid uploaded in abit (even though you cant hear it too well) so hopefully might make abit more sense.

    @supastu, ive got a WEPR ct9 mani only fitted a few months ago and cant see any cracks what so ever. And the noise is def coming from the left side of the engine bay any way..
  7. corofin12345

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    is the live on the altenator connected properly??
  8. Misterdan88

    Misterdan88 Registered User +

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