anyone wants side exit exhaust to suit WEPR td04 kits or ct9 ?

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    just thought of bumping this up...

    here's a ct9 side exit we just finished for a forum member...



    ct9 side exit's finalized price is $300usd shipped.

  2. Vincent-ep91

    Vincent-ep91 Registered User +

    drooool! Holy god that looks nice
  3. ep82morzy

    ep82morzy Registered User +

    I will take some pictures if you like once I have fitted it sacha and do a fitment guide for people as it may help.
  4. turbo head

    turbo head Munster Area Rep.

    tip top quaility as usual best of luck with selling these if only i still had my glanza :(
  5. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    sure thing mate..that would be great!!

  6. NosydneW

    NosydneW Paid Member

    nice handmade muffler mate,...will be contacting you for a similar style but with 3" inner diameter and enough damping to kill some sound ( if possible)
  7. laskt9

    laskt9 Registered User +

    i would get one for the ct9 power up kit if you make one. also ive been trying to get in contact with out on email about the intercooler and oil lines for my ct9 power up kit.
  8. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey mate..yes we can do one for the power up kit. sorry i had not seen your email..i will check again...i will also check my junk folder as sometimes emails end up in there for no reason.
  9. laskt9

    laskt9 Registered User +

    Sounds good! I may u2u you.

    I run an open downpipe with cat still in it. Is this louder than that?

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  10. perreau

    perreau Paid Member

    I want one for Godzilla Mr. Sacha :)
  11. spartacus

    spartacus Paid Member

    Hello sacha i would like one of these for an ep91 1999 with a godzilla i believe will take pictures of the kit and pm you to be sure :)
  12. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    sure thing mate..i will await your pics !! :)

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