Breaking my ep82

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by djmbj, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. djmbj

    djmbj Registered User +

    Right guys breaking my ep82
    More an more parts will become available when I get time in the next couple months to strip it down

    Very rare Sard bov £80 +4% paypal + delivery. IMG_20180207_181319.jpg

    Jam racing ecu, all seals intact, mint ecu an very aggressive, best ecu I've had for the starlet. £370 + 4% paypal + delivery
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  2. Rizzy

    Rizzy Registered User +

    You got the fusebox?
  3. djmbj

    djmbj Registered User +

    Sorry for the late reply
    Yep I'll have the fusebox
    Not had much time to strip it down yet so most parts are available
  4. Rizzy

    Rizzy Registered User +

    What ysar is the GT?
  5. Rizzy

    Rizzy Registered User +

  6. djmbj

    djmbj Registered User +

    1994 fella
  7. Rizzy

    Rizzy Registered User +

  8. dont_tell_him_pike

    dont_tell_him_pike Registered User +

    Have you got the clutch slave cylinder?
  9. djmbj

    djmbj Registered User +

    Yes fella I'll be taking more parts off this weekend, so I'll try to get that removed, you can pm me with a sort of price you have in mind an we'll take it from there cheers
  10. EP82Daz

    EP82Daz Fresh Recruit

    Hiya mate. You still got the ECU..? cheers, Daz
  11. EP82Daz

    EP82Daz Fresh Recruit

    and I don't suppose you've got a picture of the exhaust manifold have you :) cheers
  12. EP82Daz

    EP82Daz Fresh Recruit

    Ecu mate..?
  13. pc18

    pc18 North West England Area Rep.

  14. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    have you an external wastegate 38mm 2 bolt flange ??
  15. REdghill

    REdghill Fresh Recruit

    Hey man, do you have the crankshaft bottom pully?
  16. ramirez_gr

    ramirez_gr Registered User +

    Hello mate, do you have headlight? I am looking for quad..
  17. struan bunyan

    struan bunyan Fresh Recruit

    hi mate have you still got the engine or am i to late cheers
  18. Raldo

    Raldo Fresh Recruit

    jam racing ecu still available?
  19. viperguy6

    viperguy6 Fresh Recruit

    I'm interested in the quadlights and grille if they are available still
  20. Raldo

    Raldo Fresh Recruit

    dm'ed you

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