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Discussion in 'Gearbox / LSD / Chassis' started by Batters, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Batters

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    Need to fit a new gearbox into my ep82 and managed to get a cheap c52 gearbox off eBay which I was told is from a aw11 mr2 but the shifter mechanism is on the other side for some reason have I got the wrong gearbox or am i missing something
  2. gorganl2000

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    i'd say you have the wrong box....i'm not sure if you could somehow use back you old housing to make it work, but that would need someone with detailed knowledge to undertake in any event if it was even possible (gearbox specialist)....let's see if any of the other members have any experience in this area

    ideally you need a ep82 c52 or ep91 c56 gearbox...is your car a turbo or n/a?...as they are differences in these 4 boxes (this is the easiest option)

    as a 2nd option, the c52/c56 from the AExxx series could be modified to fit, but again that is work that you may not want to undertake---swapping bell housing, drilling and tapping mount bracket holes, etc
  3. SKINY

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    It is possible to swap the direction of the selector, I was going to do it with one of my gen5 celicas, MR2 turbo box with LSD was to be fitted but ended up going a different way.
    As to weather that box could be fitted to a starlet I have no idea
    Paul Woods of Woodsports fame would probably know, could always email him
  4. Phil

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    Yeah you should be able to make this work

    i think you just need a GT selector and it fits on the other side of the box, then you need to block the hole in the front of the box where the mid engined selector was removed from.

    i think Ted and weejohn has done this the other way round ie used a fwd celica c60 box in their mid engined mr2

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  5. Batters

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    Ok thanks for the info
  6. SKINY

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    right folks i will be doing this soon if i cant get a cheap starlet box, anymore information will be great, I'm going to msg Paul Woods @ Woodsports too and will share my findings :)
    1st 2nd 4th all giving me grief lately fs

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